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Oxford, United States
6 6 4

2146 Jackson Ave W, Oxford, United States

+1 662-801-8400

Person in charge
Jamie Houston/Brandon Wilkinson

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a grappling art form designed for self-defense. BJJ promotes the idea that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend against a bigger, stronger attacker by using proper technique and leverage, and applying joint-locks and chokes to subdue an opponent. This is not only a great way to build confidence, form great fellowship, or get in amazing shape. Our classes are designed and built to accommodate the casual hobbyist or the diehard competitor. We have several students who compete in sport jiu jitsu, in which similarly-experienced grapplers are provided with an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills learned during classes through competition. We have led several of our students to winning local, regional, national, and even World Championships at the highest level. Our Assistant instructor is Jamie Houston, a Black Belt with Memphis Judo and Jiu Jitsu under Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3rd degree Black Belt Jay Pages. Jamie has won multiple Gold medals at the highest level in IBJJF tournaments all over the country and also won a IBJJF No-Gi World Championship in December 2018 at the highest level in which most call IBJJF the most prestigious Jiu Jitsu organizations in the World. Our Head instructor is Brandon Wilkinson, a Black Belt with Memphis Judo and Jiu Jitsu under Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 3rd degree Black Belt Jay Pages. Brandon has been a part of teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to both Adults and Kids in Oxford since 2009 and is located here in Oxford, MS. We are proud to be able to offer not only the only Black Belt in Oxford but 2 Black Belts with a wealth of knowledge in grappling and Jiu Jitsu to make us the premier martial arts school in Oxford.

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