IJF International Judo Federation rules



All divisions will be grouped once registration closes. The listed divisions are placeholders and general weight classes are set up so we can get a general idea of the divisions.

Please note that we will be grouping people within 10 Pounds / 4 Kilograms with each other where possible to ensure the maximum amount of matches.

We will do our best to separate the same club participants into the same division. If approved we can change the participant to another age or weight bracket. 

We will do our best to keep junior athletes grouped by rank in the following groups:

  • All 2015-2019 Divisions will be grouped into divisions of up to 4 and all will receive a medal

The Tournament Director reserves the right to modify the divisions/entries to best serve the participants. 



Below is a list of rules that are being modified from the IJF Rule Set. 

The event guarantees athletes at least 2 matches or their entry fee will be refunded. 

Tournament directors have the right to modify any IJF Rule they deem necessary during the event. 

These events are designed to give the best possible experience for the athlete. Coaches and referees should work together to create a positive experience for athletes. 

The focus of these events is the development and the emphasis is on positive judo (Throws, Pins, Armlocks, Chokes). 

  • Refs for kids (U13) matches should be at least a brown belt in judo. Refs for ages 13+ should be at least a black belt in judo. 
  • 1 Ref per mat area. No Care system is used at the events.


  • No kansetsu waza in any basic or intermediate division - only allowed in advanced / elite.
  • No kansetsu waza in any division under 17 years of age.
  • Shime waza allowed in intermediate and above divisions - ages 13 years old and above.
  • If an athlete decides to compete in a higher age and/or skill level, they will adhere to the rules of the division.
  • The referee will attempt to call matte to stop any illegal action in an effort to keep the athletes safe and not disqualify them from the match.


  • Divisions Under 13 Years Old are 3 mins
  • Divisions 13 & Over are 4 mins 
  • Athletes are encouraged to get up quickly and continue. 
  • GOLDEN SCORE: All U13 Years Old - 2 minutes // If nobody scores at the end of the Golden Score, the referee decides the winner
  • GOLDEN SCORE: All 13 Years Old and Up - Unlimited


Coaching is encouraged at all times during the matches. 

What does it mean to coach your athlete: 

  • All comments from the coach should be geared towards helping your athlete perform a judo technique.
  • As long as coaches are being a positive influence over the athlete they will be encouraged to continue coaching. 


U13 Divisions:

Shido's will not be handed out for minor infractions

  • Referees will warn judoka about infractions and instruct them not to do so in the future. 
  • If a judoka gets 3 warnings for the same infraction they will lose the match. 
  • If a judoka gets 3 warnings for different infractions the match will continue. 

13+ Divisions:

  • Referees will use their discretion to give penalties for stalling
  • Stalling can include - Running out of bounds, defensive posture, or any action deemed to prevent their opponent from positive judo.
  • If a judoka gets 3 warnings for the same infraction they will lose the match. 
  • If a judoka gets 3 warnings for different infractions the match will continue.


All competitors must wear a properly fitting gi.

Participants May Wear...

  • Any color (white, blue, black)
  • Any patches/embroidery can be worn as long as it does not hinder opponents ability to grab judo gi



  • Men (5-30 years old) 45 USD
    All male teens and kids
  • Women (5-30 years old) 45 USD
    All female teens and girls
  • Men Senior (Beginner/Novice) 45 USD
  • Senior Women (Beginner/Novice) 45 USD

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