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AGP 5: Dundee BJJ Gi & No-Gi Tournament

AGP 5 takes place on September 30th 2023 at Mayfield Sports Centre, Dundee. We offer kids, adults and masters gi and no-gi divisions.

AGP 5 - September 30th 2023


Location: Mayfield Sports Center, Dundee

Event Starts @ 9:30am

Weigh ins from 8am 

  • Large warm up area
  • State of the art score boards
  • Live results system
  • Bespoke medals
  • Prizes for absolutes

By applying to fight and compete at an ANGUS GRAPPLING PROMOTIONS Ltd event, you are automatically accepting the terms and conditions of the entry below:-

COMPETITOR LISTS: Competitor Lists will be LIVE throughout the registration process and can be viewed by checking out the registrations tab on the event page. We encourage everyone to login by the last day of registration and check their details along with the competitor lists, and not wait until the brackets are published and locked in to confirm such details.

MEDALS: Crafted gold, silver, and bronze medals will be awarded to all podium finishers.

MEDIC ON HAND: A trained and professional medic will be on sight in case of any injuries occur. 

REFUND POLICY: If you are unmatched in your division when the event registration closes we will issue a full refund automatically.


Please note for all athletes signed up to compete; occasionally there are no matches on the day for some competitors due to unforeseen circumstances & although we can guarantee a full refund for sign-up fees, we cannot help with any travel or accommodation expenses.

NOTE: ALL WEIGH-INS WITHOUT THE GI. Please weigh in at least 1 hour before your division starts.

Spectators £5, coaches free (1 per team, pre-registration required)

Division Information

The divisions are:

  • White Belt / Beginner No-Gi (or less than 18 months experience, IBJJF white belt rules)
  • Blue Belt / Intermediate No-Gi (or 18-36 months of experience, Judo black belts, professional MMA fighters or national-level wrestlers, IBJFF blue belt rules)
  • Purple Belt / Advanced No-Gi (or between 3 - 5 years of grappling experience, IBJJF purple belt rules)
  • Brown Belt & Black Belt Gi Divisions / Elite No-Gi (5+ years of grappling experience)

The combined "Purple/Brown/Black absolutes" and Ultimate Absolutes will use IBJJF black belt rules.



  • IBJJF scoring system and IBJJF rules with the exception of match lengths and gi colour requirements
  • Joint bronze for divisions with 5 or more competitors


  • Adult and Master White belts: 5 Minutes
  • Adult Blue belts: 6 Minutes
  • Master Blue belts: 5 Minutes
  • Adult Purple belts and above: 7 Minutes
  • Master Purple belts and above: 6 Minutes
  • Ultimate Absolute (all belts combined): 5 Minutes


*In submitting my application form and by way of my entry to ANGUS GRAPPLING PROMOTIONS (AGP) LTD Autumn EVENT. I hereby waive all claims against any and all persons associated with any of the participating gyms, competitors, the event (ANGUS GRAPPLING PROMOTIONS (AGP) LTD) and venue. I understand that I am participating in a sport that has body contact. I assume full responsibility for all my actions during and connected to the above tournament. I understand the risk of competing in this form of Martial Arts competition and hereby release the event organisers and all its employees and associates, tournament sponsors and the event facility, from any type of injury, loss, or death sustained while competing in this competition. I, the entrant also state that I am in good physical condition and know of no reason why I cannot participate in this Martial Arts event. Divisions or weight classes are subject to change. I understand the rules of the tournament and will abide by them. In case of an emergency, I hereby authorise any licensed medical personnel to perform any accepted medical procedure deemed necessary and I agree to bear the expense of any such treatment. I also understand and agree that my attendance and/or performance at the tournament may be photographed, filmed, and/or taped and used by AGP Ltd or any sponsors for broadcast or reproduction for any portable media. I therefore waive any compensation/royalties thereof. Furthermore, if the competitor is a minor, I assert that I am his or her legal guardian and I grant my permission for him/her to participate at ANGUS GRAPPLING PROMOTIONS (AGP) LTD AUTUMN EVENT. Any violation of the above policy will result in immediate forfeiture of registration fees and disqualification from the current tournament and may result in disqualification from future tournaments. AGP enforces zero tolerance on disrespect, threatening with physical violence, or verbally abusing towards anyone during the event. If any coach, competitor, friends, or family of competitors threatens or abuses anyone within the event in any shape or form, they will be escorted out of the building and their team may be banned from any future events. By applying and/or participating in any AGP LTD events, I confirm that I have read and agree to all its terms. Furthermore, I acknowledge that by authorising payment I also consent fully to all terms and conditions contained herein.




  • Girls Gi 20 GBP
  • Girls No-Gi 20 GBP
  • Boys Gi 20 GBP
  • Boys No-Gi 20 GBP
  • Male Gi 45 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Male No-Gi 45 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Female Gi 45 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Female No-Gi 45 GBP
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute Gi 20 GBP
  • Male Absolute No-Gi 20 GBP
  • Female Absolute Gi 20 GBP
  • Female Absolute No-Gi 20 GBP
  • Ultimate Absolute - No Gi (Male) 20 GBP
    No Gi prize absolute
  • Ultimate Absolute - No Gi (Female) 20 GBP
    Prize absolute

Cancel/Refund policy