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Dominance Sub Only No Gi Round Robin. Sub Only format. IBJJF rules with a 'first to score' overtime round if there are no submissions in regulation time.

Dominance Competitions is excited to be back and providing you with a COVIDSafe competition environment. As restrictions are constantly changing in response to case numbers, we will send out an email to all registered competitors the week before the competition with all the information and any requirements for the competition day. If at any point you need to withdraw due to illness we will carry forward your registration credit to use later in the year. 

WHITE, BLUE & PURPLE (male and female ages 16+)

Round robin.

Divisions for males and females ages 16+

5 people per division, closest in weight.

5 minute matches.

You can win your fight by sub. If there is no sub within the 5 minutes an overtime round starting from the feet will take place with the win going to the competitor who is first to score following IBJJF rules.

Points for each round are as follows:

Win by sub - 3 points

Win in 'first to score' overtime - 2 points

Loss - 0 points

At the end of all rounds points are tallied up and whoever in the bracket has the most points is the winner.

This is a NO GI compeition.


Legal techniques etc follow IBJJF guidelines.


Limited to 100 entries, so get them in fast!



Dominance MMA Abbotsford »
9 Harper St
Časové pásmo: Australia/Melbourne


  • Sponsored and pre-approved late registrations MALES* 55 AUD
  • Sponsored and pre-approved late registrations FEMALES* 55 AUD
  • Male 55 AUD
  • Female 55 AUD