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This years Sydney Sub Only Pro is back and features more incentive for grappler's of all experience levels

Cash prize's for all nogi open weight divisions 

adult       novice   advanced   specialist

male       $100       $150          $500

female    $100       $150          $500

master     $100       $150         $300

(at least 6 competitors needed per division to qualify for prizes)

ultimate grappler challenge !!!win all 4 of your divisions to win cash prizes!

white /novice $250

blue/advanced $350

purple brown black / specialist $500 

(only applies to adult males, there must be at least 4 competitors per division to qualify for prize)

kids and teens are matched up fairly on age, experience and weight

register both age and experience (-18months / 18+ months) and then enter the competitors weight

and we do our best to match up fairly .

Adult and masters weight divisions both gi and no gi

-61kg -69kg -77kg -85kg -95kg 95+kg


-55kg -65kg -75kg 75+kg

Gi divisions

white , blue , purple , brown/black

Nogi divisions

Novice – 0-2 Years (no coloured rank in jiu jitsu, judo or sambo. No prior wrestling competition experience)

Advanced – 2-4 Years (no purple, brown, black belts in jiu jitsu, judo and sambo)

Specialist – Over 4 Years (open to all experience and styles)

please refer to our rules page for techniques

new formats

We will be introducing DOUBLE ELIMINATION for all adult weight divisions

(double elimination?? lose your 1st 2nd or even 3rd match? you get a second chance in the repecharge bracket to fight for 3rd place)

Kids and Teens will still be ROUND ROBIN / BEST OF 3 

(giving competitors the chance at multiple matches )

All open weights is SINGLE ELIMINATION



More prizes to be given away by us and our loyal supporters


[email protected]


Časové pásmo: Australia/Sydney


  • Men Gi 85 AUD
  • Men Open Gi 85 AUD
  • Men Nogi 85 AUD
  • Men Open Nogi 85 AUD
  • Woman Gi 85 AUD
  • Woman Open Gi 85 AUD
  • Woman Nogi 85 AUD
  • Woman Open Nogi 85 AUD
  • Kids and Teens Gi 75 AUD
  • Kids and Teens Nogi 75 AUD
  • Luke Martin VS Werique Oliveira 0 AUD
  • John Kim VS Aidan Nowfel 0 AUD