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01 Aug - 05 Sep 23:59
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05 Sep - 11 Sep 23:59
11 Sep - 14 Sep 23:59
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VERSUS BJJ 1 - 2021 Autumn Edition

Small scale - Well-run BJJ event for BJJ enthousiasts who want to gain competition experience. White and blue belt level. IBJJF ruleset. We used to be called BJJ Friends, same thing new name :).

! Brackets created. Check your timelines!

NO Visitors. Zero. Nada. Noppes, Zilch.
ONE Coach if your team has 1 or 2 participants. TWO coaches for 3 or more.  

Doors open at 12:00.

Weigh-in opens at 12:15 and closes 1 hour before your first fight. 

Fights start at 13:15.

We expect to end at the latest 17:30.

* All competitors weigh-in WITH GI.  

* When you're competing in the '+' divisions (Men 100+ and Women 74+) you also need to show up at weigh-in so we know you're present.


It is your responsibility to be on time at the mat. If you're not on time a DQ will follow. Check out Smoothcomp before and during the tournament to see the estimated time of your matches. Timelines are constantly changing. Make sure to refresh on your phone or check the screens (automated refresh) 

We make use of the IBJJF ruleset.



  • Male 30 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Female Gi 30 EUR
    16 years and above

Cancel/Refund policy