Rockville, United States
45 30 16

409 N. Stonestreet Ave., Suite-D, Rockville, United States

Person in charge
Pro. Greg Souders

About Standard BJJ
Standard Jiu Jitsu is an up and coming BJJ program located in Rockville, MD. The programs at Standard BJJ are designed as complete grappling programs with something to offer every practitioner, from the beginner to the advanced student. We offer both gi and no-gi classes and offer mat times everyday of the week. Our system focuses on physical and mental fitness through intense and focused training sessions and deliberate skill-set development through principle based learning techniques. We keep our classes small and our attention individualized to help each person get the most from their training. Standard’s mission is to make Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling available to everyone.

Contact persons

Danny Winsett Manager