Southport, Australia
182 143 87

10-12 Bay St, Southport, Australia

Person in charge
Thiago Teixeira Pegado

About Virtue Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Virtue is a place where joy is found in the pursuit of perfection. Whilst we are always working to improve, we value and appreciate the moments of trial and victory equally. As a team, we look to support each other and promote resilience and contentment. We have a thirst for improvement and a deep curiosity for the unknown. Balance and commitment are essential components of our journey – rest must accompany hard work, grit must accompany desire. We don’t wish for things to happen, we make solid plans and see them through. We are accountable, we are transparent, we share and we uphold our standards. We believe in the power of habit, consistency and discipline and we seek the joy in these things. We have a higher calling to serve those around us, to their benefit and also our own. We look to be role models and inspirations, tempered with humility and humanity.

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