Goose Creek, SC, United States
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428a Red Bank Rd. Goose Creek, SC 29445, Goose Creek, SC, United States

Person in charge
Brad Bolen

About Charleston Self Defense
 Mission Charleston Self Defense is your partner in reaching your personal fitness, sports, and self-defense goals. Our dedicated staff of experienced instructors provide individualized, high quality programs that will get you in shape, build self-confidence, and transform you into the person you always dreamed you could be. Don’t settle on “attending a class” or “hitting the treadmill.” Join a community, have fun, and know that you have a team behind you. Are you “out of shape” or taking your first step into martial arts? We offer instruction in the fundamentals that will set you on the right path and show you immediate results. Looking for family programs, kids before/after school programs, virtual school day care, or summer camps? We have you covered. If you are an experienced martial arts athlete looking to take it to the next level, try our advanced classes, personal training, or private small group sessions.

Contact persons

Lisa Capriotti Manager
Brad Bolen Manager
Robert Gouthro Manager