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About Outfox MMA
Our Mission: Our Mission is to give students the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve a happier, healthier, productive life, through top-level martial arts training. Come train with staff and instructors and gain: -Confidence, mental strength, and discipline to achieve your goals -Real world self-defense that has been tested and proven effective -Life-long friendships through a welcoming community -Physical Fitness, and holistic health Philosophy Our goal is to help you achieve everything that you have ever wanted to achieve. We believe that mind and body are not separate entities, but one. If you develop one area the other will also be positively affected. This occurs through continuous self-improvement along the 4 dimensions of your being- mental, physical, emotional and spiritual; as martial artists and as human beings. Another integral philosophy is that all of our programs are rooted in real world application. You will learn real world self-defense and have a clear understanding of how to protect yourself and your family when put in a threatening situation. Our programs and techniques are battle tested and street certified by current UFC Champions, Muay Thai Kickboxing Champions, and professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters, and self defense specialist. Focus We offer programs for complete beginners (never exercised at all), the intermediate level and advanced competitors who want to make Mixed Martial Arts their career. All age groups, genders, skill levels, and fitness levels are welcome at our World-Class facility. All of our martial arts classes have been carefully developed so we can maximize your learning in the least amount of time, according to your skill level. Background OutFox Martial Arts - Our very own head instructor- Kru Jose', has trained and worked with the likes of Brandon Vera, Rob Kamon, Dominique Cruz, Master Toddy, Mike Easton, Phil Davis, Mushin Corbrey, DJ Jackson, Frank Camacho and several others. Kru Jose’ is a multiple time WKA National Muay Thai Champion and a world Muay Thai Kickboxing champion. He served as the head Thai boxing instructor at Lloyd Irvin’s facility in Camp Springs, Maryland for several years before bringing his expertise to Virginia Beach, Virginia. All of our martial art instructors have gone through intensive training and specialize in the areas in which they teach. This means our kid’s instructor went to training specifically designed for children. Children do not learn like adults and adults do not learn in the same way children do. We do not take one-size fits all approaches to instructing because we understand that everyone is unique and has specific needs. Authenticity OutFox Martial Arts- Consistently produces multiple champions in martial arts tournaments like NAGA, Glory, IBJJF, WKA, Pan American Games and many more. We exist because we have helped so many people, just like you!

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