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01 Feb - 22 Mar 00:01
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22 Mar - 24 Mar 00:01
Event starts 26 Mar

Grappling Dutch Open 2023

We have the VON Grappling Dutch Open 2023 in Amsterdam in the Classes Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced on the 26th of March 2023.


In this first event of the VON we will have only No-Gi divisions. The VON is the Vechtsport Organisatie Nederland and has organized the World MMA Championships in Amsterdam of the international federation GAMMA, Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts, in March of 2022. We have a collaboration with organizations like ONE Championship and GLORY Kickboxing.

We are delighted to welcome you at our first Grappling event in The Netherlands, I say first as we are planning to organize more Grappling tournaments in The Netherlands.

We have Beginners (White Belt), Intermediate (Purple and Blue belt) and Advanced (Brown and Black Belts) divisions.

For every division we have the next weight classes:


• -55,5 kg (Rooster) 122,5 lbs -55.50 kg

• -61,5 kg (Light feather) 136 lbs -61.50 kg

• -67,5 kg (Feather) 149 lbs -67.50 kg

• -73,5 kg (Light) 162,5 lbs -73.50 kg

• -79,5 kg (Middle) 175,5 lbs -79.50 kg

• -85,5 kg (Medium heavy) 188,5 lbs -85.50 kg

• -91,5 kg (Heavy) 202 lbs -91.50 kg

• -97,5 kg (Super heavy) 215 lbs -97.50 kg

• +97,5 kg (Ultra heavy) 215 lbs No maximum


• -46,5 kg (Rooster) 103 lbs -46.50 kg

• -51,5 kg (Light feather) 114 lbs -51.50 kg

• -56,5 kg (Feather) 125 lbs -56.50 kg

• -61,5 kg (Light) 136 lbs -61.50 kg

• -66,5 kg (Middle) 147 lbs -66.50 kg

• -71,5 kg (Middle heavy) 158 lbs -71.50 kg

• -76,5 kg (Heavy) 169 lbs -76.50 kg

• +76,5 kg (Super Heavy) 169 lbs No maximum

Absolute Divisions also Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced for Male and Female. These are Open weight for all divisions.

Entry Fee is 50 euro

If you register for a division and Absolute you will get a 25 euro discount!

Weigh-in and registration

Registration will be open at the sports hall at 6 pm on Saturday at HAL 2. We will use our own event system for registration, weight-in system and scoring, so you will recieve all information at the registration.

Registration for the Open weight categories will be possible on the Sunday till 1 pm.

Weigh-in can be done on the Saturday from 6.30 pm till 9 pm and on Sunday from 8 am till 9.15 am in the Sports hall in HAL 2.

Start of the competition

We will start at 11 am with the competition and we will compete on tatamis of 5x5 meters. 


If we have only 2 competitors we will do a best of 3 competition with the 2 competitors.

We will use the Round Robin brackets for categories with 3 till 10 competitors. With more then 5 competitors we will use 2 poules and then do cross semi finals with the nr 1 and 2.

With 11 till 15 competitors we will use the Double Elemination system.

With more the 16 competitors we will use the Single Elemination system.

For all Absolute/Open Weight we use only Single Elemination.

There will be a fight for 3rd place in all brackets except with 5 competitors or less, then nr 3 will be the nr 3 the round robin.

We hold the right to change the draw system, if we find needed. The final schedule will be posted after the registration closes on 22 of March 2023.

If there is only 1 person in a category, we will move them up a weight category.



  • Male No-Gi 50 EUR
    16 years and above
  • Female No-Gi 50 EUR
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute No-Gi 50 EUR
  • Female Absolute No-Gi 50 EUR

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