Early bird registrations
20 Feb - 06 Apr 9:00 am
Normal registration
Deadline 25 Jun 10:00 pm


ChickJitsu Exclusive Doors open 5pm Matches start at 6pm $300+ prize 130lb & under Absolute $300+ prize 130lb & over Absolute 10 Superfights


Superfights - 6min

Absolute - 5min


Takedowns - 2 points

Sweeps - 2 points

Knee on belly - 2 points

Guard Pass - 3 points

Back (with hooks)- 4 points

Mount - 4 points


•No throwing an opponent off the mat or spiking on the head.

•No strikes of any kind.

•No squeezing fingers around the windpipe

•No pushing palm or elbow directly on the nose.

•No small joint manipulation(fingers or toes).

•No spitting or biting.

•Any yelling, grunting, or “sudden outbursts” will be considered a verbal tap.

•Stalling will result first in a warning, then a point deduction, and finally a disqualification. This includes excessive backing up from the guard, inactivity on the ground, and running out of bounds.

•If the fighters go out of bounds without being in a dominant position, the referee may restart them in the standing position.

•In the event of a tie, the referee will call for a 2 minute overtime. If still no one scores, the referee will decide the winner based on aggression, and overall control of the fight.


•Kids and Teens(15 & under)- No Slamming. No Leg Locks, knee reaping, neck cranks, bicep slicers, or wrist locks.

•Juveniles(16 & 17 year olds)- No Slamming. Straight footlocks are OKAY. Knee-reaping and all other leg locks are NOT ALLOWED, as well as neck cranks, bicep slicers, or wrist locks.

•Adult Novice & Beginner - No Slamming. No Leg Locks, knee reaping, neck cranks, bicep slicers, or wrist locks.

•Adult Intermediate & Advanced - No Slamming. All submissions are legal. Reaping is allowed.

•Adult Absolute - Slamming is only allowed to get out of a submission(you cannot slam in the closed guard). All submissions are legal.


City of Palms BJJ »
11931 Metro Pkwy unit 3 Fort Myers,fl 33903
Timezone: America/New_York

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  • Womens Nogi Absolute $300 75 USD
  • Superfight NoGi 45 USD
  • 1 Spectator 20 USD