01 Dec - 02 Dec 2018
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25 Sep - 20 Nov 00:00
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Deadline 28 Nov 00:00

Swedish Open Kickboxing Championship

Fighters of the world, welcome to this International Kickboxing Championship!

The name of the sport really describes itself well: boxing combined with kicking, which together equals KICKBOXING.

The sport comes from the traditional martial art basis of providing self-defense, and combines the martial art kicks of karate with the punches of boxing. It is also said that it has its roots in the Thai martial art, Muay Thai, which is known for its elbow and knee strikes. Kickboxing has grown into a world wide sport with several different styles and a number of sanctioning bodies to keep the kicks and punches within a safe sporting domain.

The event is held at Stockholmsmässan in combination with the Martial Arts Festival and Fitness Festival. The ticket allows entry to both events!


Stockholmsmässan »
Mässvägen 1 125 30 Älvsjö
Timezone: Europe/Stockholm


  • Men 50 EUR
  • Women 50 EUR