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18 Mar - 26 May 11:00 pm
Event starts 27 May

Guardian Series Spring Qualifier

Welcome to the Guardian Series


We are a group of parents that decided to make a Free tournament that is for the whole family. We can't wait for you to experience the best kids jiu jitsu tournament in the south. 

We are a non profit tournament designed to benefit all kids. We survive on sponsorships and donations which are both tax deductible. If you want to support our vision to bring jiu jitsu to all please email [email protected]

A FREE double elimination kids tournament that focuses on the whole family. Every competitor will have a minimum of 2 Gi and 2 No Gi matches. Registration is free for all competitors.  Free entry for all spectators. Limited spaces for the tournament so register early. Once its full its full. 

The basic concept of double elimination is similar to single elimination, in which there are rounds, and the winners advance in the brackets. The difference is that when the athlete loses a fight, he goes to another bracket which he will have the opportunity to keep competing for the 3rd place. In this system, the athlete who wins all fights receives the gold medal, the competitor who loses in the final receives the silver and the winner of the bracket of the athletes who suffered a defeat receives the bronze medal.

The Tournament will begin at 9:30 am  Doors will be open at 8:30 am can't wait to see you there. 


  • Boys Gi 0 USD
  • Girls Gi 0 USD
  • Boys NO Gi 0 USD
  • Girls NO Gi 0 USD

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