Normal registration
23 Aug - 22 Oct 10:00 pm
Late registrations
22 Oct - 29 Oct 10:00 pm
Event starts 05 Nov

SJJA Cup 2023

Let's do it again!

We are very excited to announce our 3rd edition of SJJA Cup to be held at the Northern Suburbs Basketball Centre (opposite our Crows Nest school)  5th November. 

All competitors are guaranteed at least 2 fights on the day and will receive an exclusive SJJA Cap.

There will also be a Super Open Class competition (Absolute Gi) with sponsor prizes for all podium finishers. The Kids, Male and Female Super Open Class Champions 

Registration is open to all SJJA members. 



Beginners (White - Grey/White) 

Intermediary (Grey - Grey/Black) 

Advanced (Yellow/White and above)

ADULTS & MASTERS (Male and Female)

Year of Birth                              Age Division                  Belt

2000 and before                       Adult                            White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black

1988 and before                       Master 1                       White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black

1982 and before                       Master 2                       White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black

1977 and before                       Master 3                       White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black

1972 and before                       Master 4                       White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black

1967 and before                       Master 5                       White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black

1962 and before                       Master 6                       White, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black


Female Blue/Purple/Brown Open Weight 

Male Blue/Purple/Brown Open Weight

-Official SJJA uniform is required for all competitors.

-Internal competition for SJJA students only.

For further advice on weight or age categories please speak with your SJJA coaches.



  • Boys Gi 80 AUD
  • Girls Gi 80 AUD
  • Juvenile Boys Gi 80 AUD
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Girls Gi 80 AUD
    16-17 years
  • Adult Male Gi 85 AUD
    18 years and above
  • Adult Female Gi 85 AUD
    18 years and above
  • Adult Male Absolute Gi 40 AUD
  • Adult Female Absolute Gi 30 AUD

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