Coach Passes

Coach Passes allow coaches access to the mats area whilst athletes are competing, the warm up area and early access for the weigh ins before the general public.

This year they are available FREE of charge but they must be registered for in advance and verified.

Each team is allowed ONE free coach pass or TWO passes for teams with more than three athletes taking part.

It is important that you do not split your academy in order to obtain more free passes as this will effect your teams score and chance of winning the Team Trophy. It is not allowed and any teams caught doing so may be disqualified and or banned from ADCC events.

Athletes with no coach may register for a pass for their parent or a friend to corner but it is important you do not take a pass that your coach would also require due to the limited number available.

To register for your pass The Coach or ONE member from your team should email [email protected] with the Name of the coach who would like it reserved. Teams who apply for more than the amount allowed will only have the allowed number saved for the first name sent in.


  • Men +18 yr - PRO 75 GBP
  • Women +18 yr - PRO 75 GBP
  • Men +18 yr 75 GBP
  • Women +18 yr 75 GBP
  • Boys 7-8 yr 55 GBP
  • Girls 7-8 yr 55 GBP
  • Boys 9-10 yr 55 GBP
  • Girls 9-10 yr 55 GBP
  • Boys 11-12 yr 55 GBP
  • Girls 11-12 yr 55 GBP
  • Boys 13-14 yr 55 GBP
  • Girls 13-14 yr 55 GBP
  • Boys 15-17 yr 55 GBP
  • Girls 15-17 yr 55 GBP

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