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27 Sep - 20 Oct 8:00 pm
Event starts 21 Oct

Grapple for Good Absolute Open 2023

Do cross collar chokes work on someone wearing a t-shirt? Can I defend myself against a dinosaur in a street fight? Come test these hypotheses... and more... at our annual Grapple for Good Absolute Open! Grapple for Good is a non-traditional, fun (“not-so-serious”) Jiu-Jitsu tournament to benefit Homeward Bound of Western North Carolina. While the tournament itself follows a more traditional rule-set, competitors are encouraged to get creative with their attire and have fun while competing in a friendly manner to help better serve less fortunate members of our community.

Grapple for Good Absolute Open

Saturday, October 21, 2023 • 1:00-4:00 PM

Open Source Jiu-Jitsu • 357 Gorman Bridge Rd, Asheville, NC 28806

RULE SET: The scoring system identically follows the IBJJF rule set, as you would see it implemented in the brown/black belt no-gi divisions, with some notable exceptions, regarding grips and uniforms (see below). All matches will be refereed by an IBJFF-certified black belt. 

UNIFORM: This is a non-traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament where participants are asked to wear street clothes or costumes. The athlete is allowed to wear anything they want, so long as the attire poses no threat of injury to the competitor, their opponent, or the mat surface. There will be a uniform check prior to the competition, and if the uniform is found to have the potential to cause damage in any way, there will be the opportunity for the athlete to alter their uniform or to change it completely. We will have backup uniform options on hand at the event.

1) The athlete must wear a rash guard and shorts, or other, standard "no-gi" attire (i.e. spats/leggings) underneath their uniform.

2) The athlete may grip anywhere on their own, or their opponent's uniform in order to gain an advantage over their opponent in order to win the match.

3) The athlete may NOT grip any of their opponent's no-gi attire.

4) Both athletes MUST wear a top, a bottom, or another form of attire that would serve to cover the torso and legs, at the beginning of the match.

5) Should any part of the uniform come off during the match, it will be rendered useless. So long as the attire is still attached to one of the two athletes, both athletes can continue to use the attire against their opponent.

BRACKETING AND DIVISIONS: This tournament follows a single-elimination style, and is just one, giant bracket. We will try and initially pair up athletes of similar sizes, but this event is one, big absolute bracket :). There are no separate weight, gender, or skill divisions. One division. One bracket. 

REGISTRATION: This tournament capacity is 32 participants. Once this is filled, we will not take any more registrations for our Absolute Open bracket.

*EDIT* Pre-registrations help us create a smoother event for you! We LOVE pre-registrations, but we will allow same-day in-person registrations upon arrival as well. The deadline for same-day registrations is 12:45pm. These must be made in person. Online registration closes on Friday at 8 PM.

Registration donation: $40

Spectator recommended donation: $15

*100% of registration fees go towards our beneficiary, Homeward Bound WNC* Open Source Jiu-Jitsu will cover all Smoothcomp processing fees.

Results from this tournament will not go on your official Smoothcomp record.

SCHEDULE: Competitors are asked to arrive between 12:00-12:45 for check-in. A rules meeting will be held at 1:15. Matches will begin at 1:30 PM. We estimate that the tournament will finish up around 4:00 PM.

CHALLENGE MATCHES: For an extra donation, all of which goes to benefit Homeward Bound WNC, you may challenge a friend, family member, or even enemy to a match, wearing almost anything you want. Sign up for challenge matches at the event. No need to pre-register online.

Thanks to our sponsor Pisgah Brewing Company! Organic beer made in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Grab a beer at the beer table! They’re free with a donation of your choosing. All the $$ goes to Homeward Bound.

About the beneficiary, Homeward Bound WNC: "We’re a nonprofit organization ending homelessness in Buncombe and Henderson Counties of North Carolina. More than that, we’re non-judgmental staff, volunteers, board members, and people knowledgeable in social work disciplines who believe in the “Housing First” national best practice for ending homelessness. Mostly, we’re people who care about the most vulnerable among us enough to do something about it." Read more at

100% of proceeds from this tournament go to our local charity of choice, Homeward Bound WNC.


  • Absolute Open Division 40 USD
    All participants - regardless of weight, gender, age and rank - are placed in this absolute division.

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