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USEACA International Amateur Muay Thai Tournament in Tacoma, WA.

                Welcome to the USEACA Amateur Muay Thai Tournament!

Hosted by United South East Asia Cultural Association (USEACA) & South Sound Martial Arts. With help from Southeast Asian Arts Alliance. This is the only Amateur USEACA Muay Thai Tournament offering open class Muay Thai throughout the globe. 

                                                 Tournament Schedule is as follows:

Muay Thai is a sport that emphasizes respect and honor to the community of hard working individuals involved in putting on such an event. We would like things to run as smoothly as possible. We request that you schedule accordingly and show up on time to weigh-ins, rules meetings and fights.

Thursday, August 15th:   10:00 am - Weigh-ins will take place in the soccer center.
    2:00 pm - Rules meeting in the same location. Fighters need be present. Please be respectful and on time. After rules meeting fighters will need to get ready to fight. First fight start at 4:00 pm         

Friday, August 16th: Semifinals10:00 am weigh-ins 

4:00 pm - Fights will start promptly at 4:00. 

Saturday, August 17th: Finals   10:00 am - Weigh-ins will take place in the soccer center. 
    2:00 pm - Rules meeting in the same location. Fighters need to be present. Please be respectful and on time.
    4:00 pm - Fights start promptly at 4:00. 

                                                       What does open class mean? 

It means that there are no levels within each weight class. This meaning that each participating fighter has an equal chance of winning their weight class. 

This year we will have all weight divisions listed adult & youth. Two weeks from the Tournament we will narrow the down and combine the Divisons to make 15 complete brackets. Keep a eye on your E-MAIL & Registration to see if you get moved to a different Divison, if you don't what to be moved (email us) then we will pull you out and give you a refund. In case 3-participant in the division you'll do a round robin style bracket. Person with most fights in bracket get the by in a uneven bracket. 2 participant in division you will fight 1 time in the final for the belt. 4 people in a division you'll fight semifinal and final. If you are the only fighter in a division you'll have the option of going to a different division or pull out with full refund.  

Novice Divisions for men and women have been added to 2019 USEACA Amateur Muay Thai Tournament. The Novice Fighters will be fighting for USEACA Medals and Tournament experience, Not for a belt. If you want a USEACA Belt you must register in the open class divisions.      

Divisions For Men and Women, Open and Novice:

Light Flyweight 105 - 108 lbs

Flyweight 108 - 112 lbs

Super Flyweight 112 - 115lbs

Bantamweight 115 - 118 lbs

Featherweight 122 - 126 lbs

Super Featherweight 126 - 130 lbs

Lightweight 130 - 135 lbs

Welterweight 140 - 147 lbs

Super Welterweight 147 - 154 lbs

Middleweight 154 - 160 lbs

Super Middleweight 160 - 168 lbs

Light Heavyweight 168 - 175 lbs

Cruiserweight 175 - 190 lbs

Heavyweight 190 - 210 lbs

Super Heavyweight 230 + lb

Standard Amateur Muay Thai rules apply. Punches, kicks, knees (body only), and elbows are allowed. Each fight will consist of 3, 2 minute rounds with the winner advancing to the next stage.  Looser out. We will have 1 or 2 separate rings depending on number of fighters. To read more about the rules please click on the link below:  


Early Bird Registration $100.00, tell June. Tournament cost is $120.00 per person. With a 50% refund. If no other registered fighters in are your class, we will refund 100%. We will contact you if you don't have a match up 2 weeks out from the event, if no one else registered in your class. 

Gear Requirements: 

     - We will provide Gloves and Elbow pads

Gear you need to bring:

    - Head gear (open face/no plastic)

    - Shin pads (Cloth Only)

    - Mouth Piece

    - Groin Protection

    - Muay Thai Shorts


La Quinta Inn, is walking distends to and from the event site. Let them know you're a part of the USEACA Muay Thai Tournament. Set up rooms no later than 2 weeks out from the tournament.

La Quinta Inn & Suites Tacoma - Seattle

1425 E 27th St, Tacoma, WA 98421

(253) 383-0146 

The tournament will be held at the Tacoma Soccer Center, Tacoma Washington.

Any questions, contact Ryan Hollingsworth at [email protected] or (406)396-3971

We look forward to seeing you in the ring!


Tacoma Soccer Center »
2610 E Bay St
Timezone: America/Los_Angeles


  • Women Novice Classes 75 USD
    Open Class Muay Thai
  • Women 120 USD
    Open Class Muay Thai
  • Mens Novice Classes 75 USD
    Open Class Muay Thai
  • Mens 120 USD
    Open Class Muay Thai
  • Women Youth 120 USD
  • Mens Youth 120 USD