Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is Madison Bracketing? 

A) Madison Bracketing is a method of grouping competitors together based on nearest weight. For this competition, we intend to place competitors in groups of 5 nearest weight, within their age and experience level.

Click here for an example of how 40 competitors in an Adult Men's division may be bracketed based on age, experience and weight using Madison Bracketing. 

Q) Will I be grouped with others near my age or experience level?

A) Yes. Madison Bracketing will be used in terms of weight after weigh-ins, but everyone will also be grouped in their age and experience level like a normal jiu-jitsu tournament.

Q) Will I be forced to merge brackets with other age or experience levels?

A) Not likely, but it is possible depending on the number of competitors. The goal is to group Beginners with 4 other Beginners nearest their weight, Intermediate with 4 other Intermediate nearest their weight, etc., and the same for age. Example: Intermediate Adult Men will be grouped with 4 other Intermediate Adult Men nearest their weight. However, if there aren't enough Intermediate Adult Men to make a 5 person bracket, this may result in a smaller bracket or being combined with Masters or Beginner/Advanced to ensure a full, fair division. Bracket merging decisions will be made by an experienced black belt tournament organizer with the focus of creating a fair, safe, competitive and fun environment. 

Q) How are division winners determined?

A) By points based on number and method of wins. This is a submission-focused tournament, so submission victories award a greater amount of points than any other method of winning. For each submission victory, a competitor earns 2 points. For each decision victory, a competitor earns 1 point. Disqualifications and Walkovers will result in 1 point for the winner and a loss of 1 point for the loser. The competitor with the most points will win the division. This means that it is possible that an undefeated competitor may not win the division if another competitor earns more points through submission victories.

For example: Competitor A wins 4 matches by decision, earning 4 points. Competitor B wins 3 matches by submission and loses their 4th, earning 6 points. The competitor with 3 subs and 1 loss will win the division, while the undefeated competitor with 4 decision victories may place 2nd (or lower). What does this mean? GO FOR THE SUBMISSIONS!

Q) What do division winners win? 

A) Top 3 finishers in each division will win a Chewjitsu Open medal. Competitors who participate in 2 or more divisions and win at least 1 of them will win a CHAMPIONSHIP BELT. These are large, high quality awards that you won't want to miss! In addition, Absolute division winners will also win $100. 

Q) Why can I only register for certain age or experience levels?

The registration is designed to only allow you to register for age or experience levels that you're eligible for based on your Smoothcomp profile. If your Smoothcomp profile has you listed as a 15 year old Grey belt, you will only be able to register for the 13 - 15 age group and the Grey belt division.

Q) My belt has changed and I want to register for a different division, but Smoothcomp won't let me. 

If your belt has changed, you need to update your Smoothcomp profile by:

Click your name in the top right hand corner -> Click Settings -> Scroll down to Belt/Skill Level -> Remove your old belt and add your new belt.

You may also email the event organizer ([email protected]) and request to be moved to the correct division. 

Q) Will there be an Absolute Division after the main divisions have completed?

Yes! We will host a No Gi Absolute Division where top 3 in each division may choose to participate. This is for adults only and division champions will win $100!

While we only do a No Gi Absolute, we do allow top 3 finishers in Gi divisions to sign up for the Absolute, too. If you place top 3 in your Gi division, you can still jump in the No Gi Absolute and go for that $100!

Q) How much does it cost to participate in the Absolute?

A) There is no fee like many tournaments, but you must place top 3 in your Gi or No Gi division to be eligible to participate. ALL Absolute division winners get $100, even Beginner level!


  • Gi 70 USD
    Youth, Adult Men and Women Gi
  • No Gi 70 USD
    Youth, Adult Men and Women No Gi
  • Chewjitsu Seminar 65 USD
    Seminar with Nick "Chewy" Albin

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