Normal registration
26 May - 19 Jul 17:00
Event dates 20 Jul - 21 Jul

Equinox Jiu Jitsu I

Extreme Fight Club and Enigma TV are proud to present the inaugural Equinox Jiu Jitsu I. This tournament will bring together grapplers from across Europe for the opportunity to claim the grand prize of €1,000 in one of five ADCC Rules brackets.

Equinox Jiu Jitsu I: Cash Brackets and Superfights

Live streaming and replays available exclusively on Enigma TV.

Event Details

  • Date: July 20th at 12:00 and July 21st at 16:00
  • Location: Extreme Fight Club, Ludwigspl. 4a, 35390 Gießen, Germany
  • Competitor Buy-In: €100
  • Grand Prize: €1,000 Cash Prize*
  • Competition Format: Single-elimination bracket
  • Ruleset: ADCC Adult Advanced rules (We will hold a rules meeting before each day of the event)

Registration Information

Athletes interested in SUPERFIGHTS only should fill out this application.  

Competitors interested in participating in Equinox Jiu Jitsu I must complete the registration process (including payment) by Wednesday, July 16th. The buy-in fee is €100 for a place in one of the single-elimination brackets. Please register via SmoothComp or contact the the official Equinox Jiu Jitsu Instagram page @Equinox.JJ

Spectator Information

Spectators are welcomed to join us for a weekend of high-level jiu-jitsu competition. This event is an excellent opportunity for enthusiasts and practitioners of martial arts to witness the sport at a competitive level. Spectator tickets will cost €30 at the door for one day or €50 for the weekend and can be paid in cash; please check our Instagram Page for updates.

We look forward to an exceptional night of competition, so join us for the inaugural Equinox Jiu Jitsu I at Extreme Fight Club in Germany.

*The grand prize for brackets will be €1,000 only if the number of athletes in the bracket is 10 or more. For brackets less than 10 competitors, the grand prize will be the number of competitors times 100 (ex: 6 competitor = grand prize of €600).



  • €1,000 Cash Bracket 110 USD
    This is the registration call for all cash brackets. The entry fee is €100, with a grand prize of €1,000 awaiting the victor (of brackets with 10+ athletes). No refunds, registration may transfer to other athletes.
  • Superfights 0 USD

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