13 Jul 2019
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Colorado Jiu Jitsu Club 2

Join us for a FANTASTIC beginner tournament for Adults and Kids to gain experience and mat time. Both Gi and No Gi divisions are available!

Early Weigh Ins for Adults and Kids will begin 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. the day before, Friday July 12th at DCOMMA Fitness 7239 Bradburn Blvd. Suite 100 Westminster, 80030

Day of Weigh Ins for Adults and Kids will begin at 7 a.m. and close at 8 a.m. Rules meeting at 8:30 a.m. Brackets will begin at 9 a.m.

Family and friends are welcome, $5 at the door, Kids 12 and Under are FREE


Points – Gi and No Gi

Action Points

Takedown ● Anytime two opponents are on their feet and one forces the other to the mat and gains dominant position they will be awarded 4 POINTS. If the takedown ends in Guard, the takedown will be awarded 2 POINTS ● If A initiates a takedown and B jumps guard, the takedown for A will be 2 POINTS **If opponent pulls guard from standing the other opponent will be awarded 1 POINT** These changes in takedown points are to push the pace and encourage action.


Sweep ● First person to come on top in a double guard pull earns 2 points. ● All sweeps must come from a guard. ● 50/50 sweep points will be awarded after top player opens his legs. ● All 50/50 sweeps must come a different guard other than 50/50. ● If A attempts to sweep B, but B remains turtled, so long as A controls Turtle from behind the shoulder, sweep points are awarded. This rule is the same as “Snap down, spin and control” in the Takedown section.


Knee on Belly ● Points are awarded if opponent is on their back or side. ● Must be the leg closest to opponent’s legs. ● Not awarded if opponent has spider guard.


Guard Pass ● A guard must be established for it to be passed.


● All limbs of the passer must be out of the guard. ● Points can be awarded to un pointworthy positions such as Reverse Mount. This would equal just a guard pass and not a combination of Guard Pass to Mount.

Back (Back Mount, Body Triangle or Hooks) ● Body Triangle – feet must not be inside opponent’s leg. ● Hooks - feet cannot be crossed.


Mount (Reverse Mount, Technical Mount, S-Mount or Traditional) ● Traditional Mount – must have knees below the shoulder. A triangle is not Mount. ● Technical Mount – may be awarded points if opponent is on their side.


All takedowns, guard passes, sweeps to side control/north-south control, knee on belly, mounts and back control ​must be held for 3 seconds​ for points to be awarded. No points will be awarded if the person doing the action is caught in a submission. Only after the submission is no longer a threat will stabilizing time be counted for points.

Points will not be awarded for competitors who voluntarily abandon a position and then regain that same position.

Points can be awarded after the end of the match. If the referee has begun to count stabilizing time during the match period and the clock expires the points will be awarded to the person controlling their position.

No points will be awarded outside of the mat boundary line. All points must be scored inside the competition ring


Ranum Middle School »
2401 W 80th Ave
Timezone: America/Denver


  • Mens NO-GI 25 USD
    14 and up
  • Mens GI 25 USD
    14 and up
  • Womens NO-GI 25 USD
    14 and up
  • Womens GI 25 USD
    14 and up
  • Boys NO-GI 25 USD
    4 years to 15 years of age
  • Boys GI 25 USD
    4 years to 15 years of age
  • Girls NO-GI 25 USD
    4-15 years of age
  • Girls GI 25 USD
    4-15 years of age