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23 Jun - 25 Sep 23:00


One of Austrias finest Nogi event, the Austrian ADCC open. Fighters from all over the globe are invited to compete and test their skills on the mat!

September 28, 2019
Sporthalle Fischamend
Springholzgasse 4, 2401 Fischamend (near Vienna Airport) Schedule

10:00 – 10:30 AM - Registration and weigh in for competitors

11:00 - Official Opening


The doors open one hour before Registration

All competitors must be 18 years or older!

We welcome registrations from all over the world and every nation.

Weight classes

Men 18+: 

-2 years Beginners: -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, -76kg, -83kg, -91kg, -100kg +100kg
2 - 4  years Intermediate: -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, -76kg, -83kg, -91kg, -100kg +100kg
+4 years Professionals: -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, -76kg, -83kg, -91kg, -100kg +100kg

Women 18+

-2 years Beginners: -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, +70kg
2-4 years Intermediate: -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, +70kg
+4 years Professionals: -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, +70kg

We do not accept sandbagging and do background checks.(Grappling, Judo, Sambo, BJJ, Wrestling, Luta Livre, MMA Amateurs will fight intermediate and Pro - Athletes professional)

Minimum number of participants for each category - 3 persons,
otherwise the organizer reserves the right to combine categories.

Competition payment:

Competition fee is 40 Euro in all categories
Registration and payment via:
Informations: [email protected]
Organized by: Austrian Self Defense and Submission Grappling Organisation / ADCC AUSTRIA


Austrian Self Defense and Submission Grappling Organisation
IBAN: AT14 3200 0000 1269 5870

Rules and regulations 
Official ADCC Submission Fighting rules see here:

The three best fighters of each weight class get medals. 
Trophies for the fastest submission and the best technical fighter.


Sporthalle Fischamend »
Springholzgasse 4 2401 Fischamend
Timezone: Europe/Vienna


  • Men 40 EUR
  • Women 40 EUR