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01 Jan - 07 Aug 23:59
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Our mission is provide a platform of camps, comps and resources for "girls into wrestling" and to get more "girls into wrestling"

• The “2019 Girls into Wrestling - Australian Open" is an open event for all. Any individual that is a financial member of Wrestling Australia Inc. (WAI) can enter, or those that are not can pay for their membership online and will be required to fill out a form before they are allowed to compete

• Competitors must be a 2019 current member of a State Federation, and Wrestling Australia

• Travelling International Competitors who are not currently living in Australia are exempt from paying membership

Weight - Age Categories (2 kg allowance)
• Weight classes (see table below) - 2kg weight tolerance allowed over the displayed weight-age categories.

• Wrestlers are to wear singlets to facilitate the medical inspections

• Event registrations must be completed online at https://smoothcomp.com/en/event/2394

Please ensure that you enter the correct weight categories with registration for the comp as confirmed with your coach. No shifting of category or late entry will be considered on the day of the competition. If a wrestler does not make weight she will forfeit their matches and will only be allowed Exhibition & Friendly matches if and when available. Please note weight categories reflect UWW categories.

• Age submissions are to be based on the Year of Birth (i.e., turning the denoted age in this calendar year), and not the age at the time of the competition

• Wrestlers (or an adult on their behalf where the wrestler is a Under 18 yrs old) must register online.

Early Bird Deadline: On or Before Wednesday 7th of August
Fees $45 (1st Division) / $25 (Extra Division)

Registration Deadline: On or Before Tuesday 27th of August
Fees $55 (1st Division) / $30 (Extra Division)

Late Registration Deadline: On the Wednesday 28th of August
Fees $65 (1st Division) / $35 (Extra Division)

o No registrations will be accepted after this time.

• Competition fees apply for each weight-age a wrestler wants to wrestle in (for example, if a wrestler wants to enter Junior and Senior competitions, then she must register and pay for each category – in this example, $45 + $25 = $70). The same goes for Senior and Veteran competitions.

Last Day to Check & Change Divisions: On of Before Thursday 29th of August

• Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

• Numbered Stix Safety Pins are awarded for pins in Matches & Exhibition Matches

• Wrestler Pins added to medal ribbons for each Exhibition Match & Friendly Match a competitor does.

Competitors may only receive their medals whilst standing on the podium with the other competitors who placed in their division. If a competitor does not do this they will not receive their medal at a later date and this action may also cause a disciplinary result, potentially banning a competitor from competing in other divisions at the same tournament - due to bad sportsmanship. Competitors that are eligible for a gift, prize, T-shirt or other awards must collect them on the day of the competition. If they are not collected on the day of the tournament, the competitor is forfeits their right to all gifts, prizes, T-shirts or other awards.

Types of Matches
Match - A real match that determines the champion of a weight class (Prize is a Medal)

Exhibition Match - A match that is scored like a real match but there is no prize (Award is Wrestler Pin)

Friendly Match - A match that is not scored and is often only one round (Award is Wrestler Pin)

Risk and Insurance
The wrestler and/or their guardian (if under 18yrs) acknowledges and agrees that the wrestler shall be responsible to obtain all or any insurance for loss and/or medical, hospital, life, income protection, personal, property, or any other risk or damage that the wrestler may cause or suffer, (whether directly or indirectly) and the wrestler covenants that they acknowledges that any failure by the wrestler to fully insure themselves against any accident, damage, injury, loss, whatsoever, howsoever arising shall be solely at the risk of the wrestler.

And the wrestler and/or their guardian (if under 18yrs) hereby indemnifies the Girls Into Wrestling, Wrestling Queensland Inc, Wrestling Australia Incorporated and Black Dragon Kai against all and any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the wrestler’s involvement in the event or contest. Furthermore, the wrestler shall make themselves available at Girls Into Wrestling's discretion to undergo pre and post bout medical examinations, including drug testing, by duly qualified personal on the day of the event, at the Girls into Wrestling’s discretion and shall participate in the event solely at the Girls Into Wrestling’s discretion, dependent upon the interpretation of the results of those tests at the sole discretion of the Girls Into Wrestling.

Refund Policy
Any competitor that decides to withdraw from the competition prior to the Check & Change closing, may receive 50% of their fee refunded. Competitors seeking the 50% fee re-compensation must do so before the Check & Change closes or they will be unable to. No entries will be transferred or credited. There are no refunds or credits for this event, no exceptions. You will not be entitled to a refund or credit, regardless of whether or not you participate. By paying for your registration you will be put into a bracket and be called to compete on the day of competition. You will lose your first match by disqualification if you do not show up for your match, do not make the minimum qualification for that bracket, or have an injury or other medical condition that will not allow you to compete. This also includes single competitor categories when you are unable to be merged into another division, or your opponent/s have withdrawn from your division. This also includes divisions where all other opponents withdraw, are disqualified or absent and only one competitor remains. In this instance the single competitor will gain points to be nationally recognised, as well as team points, and be awarded the Gold Medal on the podium, and declared the winner. Here is a link that explains how to cancel your registration and claim your refund. https://support.smoothcomp.com/article/68-i-want-to-cancel-my-registration-how-can-i-do-that

Division changes may be made online through smoothcomp. This must be completed by midnight the day after registration closes. Competitors who are from the same team that may be matched or merged, once Check & Change has closed will not be eligible for a refund and will be unable to have their division changed. If competitors in this situation do not compete they will be disqualified and will not receive medals, ranking & team points as well as any gifts or awards associated with that division. Here is a link that explains how to change divisions. https://support.smoothcomp.com/article/89-how-to-change-weightclass-or-cancel

Program (Nerang PCYC – Cayuga Street Nerang, Gold Coast, Qld)

• 7:45am

o All tournament staff arrive.

• 8:00am

o Tournament Check-in Registration Verification

o Medical Checks and Weight Verification 

o Please note: any wrestler who has not weighed in prior to 8.45am will forfeit their position in the competition. They may be eligible for exhibition matches if available.

• 8:45am

o Coaches and Officials Meeting

• 9:00am

o Commence Competition

• The competition will be conducted in accordance with United World Wrestling rules (https://unitedworldwrestling.org/)

• The tournament will be conducted under double-elimination line-bracketing rules where there are more than 5 competitors. This means that all those who lose one (1) match in the championship bracket (A) may be sent into the repechage bracket (B) for a chance to compete for the bronze medal. Those who lose two (2) matches are eliminated from competition.

• Divisions of 3 or 4 competitors will be a Round Robin. This means all competitors will verse each other

• Divisions of 2 competitors will be a best of Three. This means the overall Champion will be determined by two wins

• All competitors are responsible for their own medical and physical fitness to wrestle and understand that the nature of the sport of wrestling involves some physical risks that can result in serious injury or death.

• All participants must adhere to the WAI Code of Conduct, Member Protection Policy and WAI Anti-Match Fixing Policy. The organizer has the right to disqualify competitors from competition in the event of rule or code of conduct breaches.

• The weight shown on the weighing scales at the time of the scheduled weigh in will be regarded as the official weight. Any weight check performed by an athlete prior to the official weigh in shall not be permitted to form the basis of a challenge to the official weigh in.

For further information contact by email [email protected]

Categories Freestyle Weight (Kg)
Girls 4 – 5 years old -20, -23, -26, -29, -33, -36, -39, -42, -46, -50, -54, -58, -62, 66

Girls 6 – 7 years old -20, -23, -26, -29, -33, -36, -39, -42, -46, -50, -54, -58, -62, 66

Girls 8 – 9 years old -20, -23, -26, -29, -33, -36, -39, -42, -46, -50, -54, -58, -62, 66

Girls 10 to 11 years old -20, -23, -26, -29, -33, -36, -39, -42, -46, -50, -54, -58, -62, 66

Girls 12 to 13 years old -20, -23, -26, -29, -33, -36, -39, -42, -46, -50, -54, -58, -62, 66

School Girls 14 to 15 years old -20, -23, -26, -29, -33, -36, -39, -42, -46, -50, -54, -58, -62, 66

Cadets (16 to 17 years) -36, -40, -43, -46, -49, -53, -57, -61, -65, -69, -73.

Junior (18 to 20 years) -50, -53, -55, -57, -59, -62, -65, -68, -72 and -76.

Senior (20 years plus) -50, -53, -55, -57, -59, -62, -65, -68, -72 and -76.

Veteran (35 years plus) -50, -53, -55, -57, -59, -62, -65, -68, -72 and -76.


Nerang PCYC »
59 Cayuga St
Timezone: Australia/Brisbane


  • Wrestling Australia Members 0 AUD
    For current members of a state or Wrestling Australia
  • Non Members of Wrestling Australia - International Compeitor 0 AUD
    For International non members of a state or the national federation that do not reside in Australia
  • Non Members of Wrestling Australia - (under 18) 25 AUD
    Competitors will be required to fill out a membership form before they can compete
  • Non Members of Wrestling Australia - (over 18) 40 AUD
    Competitors will be required to fill out a membership form before they can compete
  • Girls (Kids) 4-13yrs 55 AUD
    4-13 years
  • School Girls 13-15yrs 55 AUD
    14-15 years (13 years Requires - Guardian & Medical Permission to Enter)
  • Cadets 15-17yrs 55 AUD
    16-17 years (15 years Requires - Guardian & Medical Permission to Enter)
  • Juniors 17-20yrs 55 AUD
    18-20 years (17 years Requires - Guardian & Medical Permission to Enter)
  • Seniors 18yrs+ 55 AUD
    For Wrestlers All Levels 19 years & older (18 years Requires - Medical Permission to Enter)
  • Veterans 35yrs+ 55 AUD
    35 years & older