16 Nov 2019
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30 Jul - 01 Oct 12:00 am
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Deadline 14 Nov 11:59 pm

Finishers Open 3 - Allentown PA

The Finishers Open 3 is an official EBI Rules, submission only single elimination tournament open to the public. November 16th in Allentown PA

The Finishers Sub Only has proven to be one of the best submission only tournaments in the world, providing the stage for up and coming grapplers to make a name for themselves thru videos and pictures on social media. Former champions include Gordon Ryan, PJ Barch, Jon Calestine, Ethan Crelinsten, Keith Krikorian, Dan Martinez, Amanda Leve and more. 

The Finishers Open is a way to qualify to compete on a future Pro Show. Must win the Purple/Brown/Black division. 

Weigh ins 

*Try to arrive and weigh in at least 1 hour before your division start time. 

Friday - 6pm - 8pm - Location: 10th Planet Bethlehem - 3761 Nicholas St. Bethlehem PA 18017

You may also video weigh in and send the video to the Finishers Sub Only facebook Page. 

Saturday - Starts at 9am - Location: Venue - Parkview inn and Conference Center - 1151 Bulldog drive Allentown PA 

*You can weigh in potentially right before your match but if we call you and your not there to answer you will be disqualified and get a coupon to compete on a future event. Show up early!!! We move fast. 








Teens Expert Division  

The teens we will try and make sure we get solid fair matches and combine divisions if people are close in weight. 

If their is only two people in your division we can do one longer round or go best out of three shorter times. We may also combine your division if it is too small. If your the only on and you do not want to go up we will give you a refund. 


Mens and Women's Divisions 

White/Blue - 6 min - 1 EBI OT except for finals will be 3 EBI Overtimes -  No heel hooks. Reaping, straight ankles and knee bars are legal. No Slams, No Guard Jumping, No Toe Holds, No Calf Slicers. Twisters are ok! 

Purple/Brown/Black - 8 min -1 EBI OT except for finals will be 3 EBI Overtimes - All submissions legal, No Slams, No Guard Jumping

Expert Teens

Matchups will be made by weight and age. 6 min matches - 1 EBI OT except for finals will be 3 EBI Overtimes

No Heel Hooks, No toe holds, No Calf Slicers, No Reaping. Knee Bars and Straight Ankles are ok. No Slams, No Guard Jumping

Pro Card and more information:


Watch a highlight of our Last event below! 

Click Here 


Parkview Inn and Conference Center »
1151 Bulldog Dr.
Timezone: America/New_York


  • Men 85 USD
  • Women 85 USD
  • Teens Expert 85 USD