13 Oct 2019
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08 Aug - 06 Oct 23:59
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Amsterdam Open Grappling

### WEIGH-IN AND CHECK-UP ARE 45 MIN BEFORE THE START OF YOUR CATEGORY ### Amsterdam Open Grappling; https://bjjholland.com/info-faq/

Grappling tournaments follow the IBJJF point system, but without advantages.

At Grappling tournaments all locks and chokes (including knee reaping) are allowed for beginners and advanced, of course slams are not allowed.

Grappling tournaments are divided in 2 different levels:

Beginner: up to 2 years of training

Advanced: more than 2 years of training

Fight time for all Grappling categories = 5 minutes

What if I don’t make weight ?
If you do not make weight, you will be disqualified and no refund is possible.
It is also not possible to be transferred to a higher weight category.

Can I wear a rashguard underneath my gi?
In BJJ, men are not allowed to wear a rashguard or shirt. Also no cup or earguards. Women do fight with rashguard on.

Can I fight without a shirt in Grappling?
No, you need to wear a rashguard or shirt. Also no cup or earguards. Make sure your nails are short.


Amsterdam Sporthallen Zuid »
Burgerweeshuispad 54
Timezone: Europe/Amsterdam


  • Male No-Gi 25 EUR
    18 years and above
  • Female No-Gi 25 EUR
    18 years and above
  • Male Absolute No-Gi 10 EUR
  • Female Absolute No-Gi 10 EUR