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03 Sep - 01 Nov 23:59
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01 Nov - 11 Dec 18:00
Event starts 14 Dec

BJJ Dutch Open 2019

The BJJ Dutch Open is the largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament organized in the Netherlands. This will be the 17th edition.

With more than 400 competitors: We are sold out!


The brackets will serve as a simple elimination system, where the losing athlete from each match is eliminated and the winner goed through to the next stage of the bracket.

After you placed yourself as #1, #2 or #3 you can sign up for the Open Class. The brackets will be made right after the belt divisions are done.


5 minutes - Female and Male White belts

6 minutes - Female and Male Blue belts

7 minutes - Male Purple belts

8 minutes - Female Purple/Brown/Black and Male Brown/Black belts

10 minutes - Superfight


All competitors can weigh in between 9.00 and 12.00. Everybody has to weigh-in with gi and belt. Men are not allowed to wear a rashguard, ladies are allowed to wear a rashguard. At the weigh-in your finger and toe nails will be checked too, be ready to go when you weigh-in.

If you didn't make weight, we have to call it a Walk-Over. Please note that you can switch weight/belt division untill saturday November 30th.


Stay updated before and during the tournament on Smoothcomp, follow the live brackets on the screens or on your phone. It is your own responsibility to show up on time at the Warming Up Area 3 fights before your own match.


At the Dutch Open we follow the IBJJF Rule Book. You can find the link at our website: 


After registration it will be not able to get your registration fee back, everything will be used to provide the other competitors the best service at the tournament.


Not everybody wants to compete, and supporters are super important too. Help your teammates get hyped up, provide food, drinks and care when needed. We ask a 5,- euro fee from visitors.


Participants and supporters of the BJJ Dutch Open can book an overnight stay with discount at the Bastion Hotel Nijmegen. By car it takes 5 minutes to get to the Jan Massinkhal, or it takes approximately 15 minutes to walk from the hotel to the tournament. 

Use this link:


  • Female Gi 30 EUR
  • Male Gi 30 EUR
  • +35 Men Gi 30 EUR

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