Normal registration
02 Dec - 21 Feb 7:00 am
Event starts 22 Feb

1st EU Kyokushin Karate Championship 2020

Videnin Dojo Germany has the honor to invite you to the 1st EU Kyokushin Karate Championship 2020, which will take place on the 22th of February 2020.

The championship is in Kumite and Kata and open to all organizations.

Each participant must create a personal account in Smoothcomp and then register for the event.

If you have questions, please read the FAQ.

Kumite Male and Female:10-11 Years / 12-13 Years / 14-15 Years / 16-17 Years

18-21 Years / 22-40 Years / 41-up Years

In each age group there will be 4 weight classes

If a group does not have enough participants, the groups are merged with other groups.


  • Children/Youth Boys 40 EUR
  • Children/Youth Girls 40 EUR
  • U21/Master/Seniors Women 50 EUR
  • U21/Master/Seniors Men 50 EUR
  • Kata Female 40 EUR
  • Kata Male 40 EUR

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