#1JJ. Northstar Ju Jitsu Championship. 2021

The popular #1JJ, Northstar Ju Jitsu Championship is back . Men, women and children.

If you are a member of a Northstar Ju Jitsu dojo, you can take part in this dynamic and exciting event. Numbers will be limited so be quick to register. The rules will be touch contact, with kicking and punching with throws and ground fighting allowed in the later bouts. Initially you will be partnered with an opponent of similar size and experience. Fights are 1 x 2 minutes for adults and 1 x 1.5 minutes for 7- 16 year olds. MMA gloves, mouth guards, shin and instep guards and groin protectors for the males. Head gear for the 7-16 year olds is not compulsory, but we recommend it. Competitors will need to provide their own. Bouts are judged by 3 judges that award the winner by fighting skill, ring control, fitness and martial arts spirit.

The registration must be in the name of the competitor and not the parent.

In order to complete and include your registration, the entry needs to be paid for at the time of registration.


North Sydney PCYC. »
224 Falcon St
Timezone: Australia/Sydney


  • Men 60 AUD
  • Super Stars Boys. 60 AUD
  • Women 60 AUD
  • Super Stars Girls. 60 AUD
  • Bright Stars. 7-8 years old. 60 AUD
  • test 1 AUD