14 Nov
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01 Sep - 01 Oct 12:00 am
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Deadline 12 Nov 11:59 pm

Finishers Open 4 - Maryland

The Finishers Open 4 is an official EBI Rules, submission only single elimination tournament open to the public. November 14th in Fredrick Maryland.

The Finishers Sub Only has proven to be one of the best submission only tournaments in the world, providing the stage for up and coming grapplers to make a name for themselves thru videos and pictures on social media. Former champions include Gordon Ryan, Grace Gundrum, PJ Barch, Jon Calestine, Ethan Crelinsten, Keith Krikorian, Dan Martinez, Amanda Leve and more. 

The Finishers Open is a way to qualify to compete on a future Pro Show. Must win the Purple/Brown/Black division. 

COVID-19 Protocol for Events

We will be taking extra precautionary measures to make sure everyone is safe and has a good experience. All staff member will follow CDC guidelines for personal hygiene. Competitors and all staff will be temperature checked coming in through the door. All equipment and mats will be properly sanitized before and after matches. 

Masks must be worn to enter the building and while chilling on the side and coaching. Competitors do not need to wear masks while competing and while warming up. 

Please bring your own fold up chairs since the venue will not be providing them for us. 

Weigh ins 

We would suggest everyone weigh in the night before through video weigh in if possible. You can weigh in anytime after 6pm November 13th by sending your video to [email protected] or sending it to the Finisher Sub Only FB Page or instagram page. Just video yourself stepping on the scale and send it over. If your on weight you do not have to wait for us to send you a confirmation just rehydrate. 

*If your weighing in the day of the event try to arrive and weigh in at least 1 hour before your division is supposed to start. 

*You can weigh in potentially right before your match but if we call you and your not there to answer you will be disqualified and get a coupon to compete on a future event. Show up early!!! We move fast. 













231lbs and over 










166lbs and over 

Teens Expert Division  

Boys and Girls 

14yrs - 17yrs 

99.9lbs and under 





149.9lbs and up 

The teens we will try and make sure we get solid fair matches and combine divisions if people are close in weight. 

If their is only two people in your division we can do one longer round or go best out of three shorter times. We may also combine your division if it is too small. If your the only on and you do not want to go up we will give you a refund. 

Cash Division 

Each event we will feature a cash division worth $1,000 with a $100 entry. The winner will also get entrance into the pro event in either a superfight or the main division at your weight. EBI Rules - same rules as purple/brown/black divisions. 3 EBI Overtimes in all rounds.  


Mens and Women's Divisions 

White/Blue - 6 min - 1 EBI OT except for finals will be 3 EBI Overtimes -  No heel hooks. Reaping, straight ankles and knee bars are legal. No Slams, No Guard Jumping, No Toe Holds, No Calf Slicers. Twisters are ok! 

Purple/Brown/Black - 8 min -1 EBI OT except for finals will be 3 EBI Overtimes - All submissions legal, No Slams, No Guard Jumping

Expert Teens

Matchups will be made by weight and age. 6 min matches - 1 EBI OT except for finals will be 3 EBI Overtimes

No Heel Hooks, No toe holds, No Calf Slicers, No Reaping. Knee Bars and Straight Ankles are ok. No Slams, No Guard Jumping


Fredrick Indoor Sports Center »
1845 Brookfield Ct
Timezone: America/New_York


  • Men 70 USD
  • Women 70 USD
  • Teens Expert 70 USD
  • Cashhhhhhhh 100 USD