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01 Jan - 31 Jan 23:59
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31 Jan - 13 Feb 23:59
Event starts 19 Feb

Malaysia Jiu Jitsu International Open 2022

The first BJJ competition in Malaysia that is hosted in a sports venue, executed with a high professional standard and invitations to teams throughout Asia & Oc



In light of COVID-19, we have decided to introduce a system that priorities our athletes' well-being. We will be limiting the crowd at all future events to reduce the potential community spread of COVID-19 and to ensure our venue is not over crowded and more conducive for our athletes.

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Competition Prize

500 RM for fastest submission

500 RM for over all top team


Welcome to our first instalment of the Malaysia Jiu Jitsu International Open. This competition will take place in an indoor sports venue. Sauna and shower facilities are available to all competitors.


First 50 complete registrations (including payment) shall receive an awesome free t-shirt to be collected upon check in at the competition day.

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Competition Rules


Weight in

19-Feb-2022 at 8:00 AM


Entering 2 Divisions will require you to pay 2 registrations, example : Entering Gi and No Gi divisions will require you to pay 2 registration fees.

Weight allowance is 300gram


How it works:

1- Our competition format follows IBJJF single elimination bracket for 4 competitors and above.

2- For brackets that ends up with 3 competitors then we follow round robin format.
Update to facilitate more : First loser gets a second chance.

3- For brackets that end up with 2 competitors we follow 2 win out of 3 fights.

Update: Unless both fighters communicated with us in advance and informed us that they request a single fight, then we shall amend this accordingly.

4- For brackets that end up with 1 competitor will contact to merge with another bracket mostly the higher weight division, if the competitor refused to be merged then we follow IBJJF standard practice as we award him the medal but no team point to be awarded.


No refund for cancelling any registration or for ending up alone in the bracket.



Following the recent events of the increase of Omicron positive cases, and for the safety of everyone,  we decided to apply certain rules to control the crowd.

1- Spectators, fighters, cornermen and chaperones, all shall have a tag on their wrists with different colors to differentiate between different categories where our security guard will keep checking.

2- Spectators crowd will be limited.

3- We advise everyone to leave as soon as their business is done, so if you are a spectator and you came to support your friend, kindly leave as soon his your friend fight is over.


Each martial art school is allowed to bring one single corner man for free, we will be contacting each martial art school who have student that is participating in our competition to get his/her name in advance; once the cornerman students fights are over, we appreciate if they leave ASAP.

P.S: Free entry for cornerman doesn't mean that each fighter is allowed to bring an additional person to enter for free, it's a very specific spot for a specific person and mission. We are expecting that cornerman will be shared across all fighters from the same school.

Adults Fighters

1- Adults fighters will be allowed to come for weight in starting from 8:00 am Saturday 19-Feb.

2- Adults fighters won't be allowed to enter the competition hall any earlier than their competition fight time by 30 minutes.

Update: Adults fighters won't be allowed to enter the competition hall any earlier than their competition fight time by 15 minutes.

Adults fighters need to leave the competition hall once their fights are over and awarded their medals, if they wish to enter again they need to check the availability of the spectator tickets and purchase one.

Example: Jack is an adults that have a fight scheduled at 1:45 pm, he is allowed to do his weight in check at 8:00 am, but he will only be allowed to enter the competition hall at 1:15 pm. Our security guard will be monitoring the fight schedule and list to control this entry. 

3- We will do our best to follow the fight schedule that shall be released as soon as it's ready, please follow us on our social media channels for more updates on this matter. BJJ Roots Instagram - BJJ Roots Facebook .

4- Keep checking your Smoothcomp registration online at all time to stay updated with your fight schedule and timing.

Kids Fighters (Chaperons)

1 Each kid will be allowed to enter his first degree family members for free (limited max to 4 people.) as they will categorized as chaperons and not spectators.

2- Once the kids fights are over then we are expecting that chaperons shall leave ASAP.

3- Kids chaperons are not counted as spectators nor they have the access to stay as spectators.


1- Spectators will be charged a 20 RM entry fees.

2- Spectators are allowed to enter only when adults fights starts, no spectators are allowed to enter during kids fights.

3- Spectators ticket will be open for online sales starting from Tuesday 15-Feb, you may contact our sales and registration department on WhatsApp; if any stock is left then it shall be open for physical sales on Friday 18-Feb 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm while slots last. Please follow us on our social media channels for more updates on this matter. BJJ Roots Instagram - BJJ Roots Facebook .

4- No refund for the tickets sold.

5- Crowd will still be under monitor and control, if we reached a competition hall full space limit then our security guards and organization reserves all the rights to deny spectators entry to the competition hall even if they purchased the tickets, only when you have a ticket, and we have enough space in the competition room then you'll be allowed to enter.

P.S: Our main goal is to control the crowed in a meaningful way, if you really care and involved in the sport then please get your ticket in advance.

Our security guards are appointed for your safety and the community safety, please make their job easier by following and respecting the rules.

Only those who are fully vaccinated are allowed to competed and enter the competition hall.


  • Adult and Masters (Male No Gi) 220 SGD
    18 Years and above
  • Adult (Male Gi) 220 SGD
    18 - 29 years
  • Adult and Masters (Female No Gi) 220 SGD
    18 Years and above
  • Master 2 (Male Gi) 220 SGD
    36 years and above
  • Master 1 (Male Gi) 220 SGD
    30 - 35 years
  • Master 1 (Female Gi) 220 SGD
    30 years and above
  • Adult (Female Gi) 220 SGD
    18 - 29 years
  • Juvenile Boys Gi 220 SGD
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile Girls Gi 220 SGD
    16-17 years
  • Born in 2007 - 2008 220 SGD
    14 and 15 Years Old
  • Born in 2011 - 2012 220 SGD
    10 and 11 Years Old
  • Born in 2009 - 2010 220 SGD
    12 and 13 Years Old
  • Born in 2013 - 2014 220 SGD
    8 and 9 Years Old
  • Born in 2015 - 2016 220 SGD
    6 and 7 Years Old
  • Born in 2017 - 2018 220 SGD
    4 and 5 Years Old

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