07 Nov 2020
Early bird registrations
15 Aug - 05 Sep 23:59
Normal registration
Deadline 05 Nov 14:00
Late registrations
Deadline 06 Nov 15:01

Submission KQ 8 - Auckland - NZ Team Trials

No Gi

Round Robin

Sub Only - Beginner & Intermediate

ADCC ruleset at Advanced & Absolute.

See www.manfc.com/rules for allowable submissions at each level.

Beginner - White Belt
Intermediate - Blue Belt
Advanced - Purple, Brown & Black Belts ( Blue with consent from Mana ) 

Absolute - Submission King Title 
Over 99 kg
Under 99 kg
Under 88 kg
Under 77 kg
Under 66 kg

Absolute - Submission Queen Title
Over 60 kg
Under 60 kg 

Match Time Limits: 
Kids             3 min rounds
Beginner       5 min rounds
Intermediate  7 min rounds
Advanced     8 min rounds
Absolute      10 min rounds
Abolute Final 20 min final

Round Robin Points System
* Fight every competitor in your division
Submission Win - 3 Points
Draw - 1 Point
Loss - 0 Points
Places are determined by how many points you score in your division.
If there are tied points in the division there will be a rematch with golden point overtime 

* Must compete in an advanced division to be eligible for entry to absolute

** Divisions may be combined in order to ensure competitors get the opportunity to get a few matches.

Age limit for Adult Competition is 14 years old (14 - 17 with parent/guardian consent)

Entry Cost: $40 EARLY BIRD or $50 STANDARD
Late Registrations are $60 to allow for re-bracketing and hoha factor
Case by case - Email [email protected]

Check MANA FC Facebook and Instagram sites for updates

Spectator Fee: $10 per person (EFTPOS on the door)

STANDARD Registration close on Thursday 5th of November at 2.00pm.

Weigh in will take place from 11:00-12:00pm on the Saturday 

Absolute will be open to all advanced competitors. 

LOrganic Mechanic, The Fight Dietitian and Boot It Fitness will be sponsoring this event!


City Kickboxing »
10 Haultain Street
Timezone: Pacific/Auckland


  • Men 50 NZD
  • Absolute Women 0 NZD
  • Absolute Men 0 NZD
  • Women 50 NZD