Early bird registrations
14 Nov - 02 Jan 11:59 pm
Normal registration
Deadline 11 Feb 2:00 pm
Late registrations
Deadline 12 Feb 2:01 pm


No Gi - Round Robin - ADCC at advanced and absolute.

See www.manfc.com/rules for allowable submissions at each level.

Beginner - White Belt
Intermediate - Blue Belt
Advanced - Purple, Brown & Black Belts ( Blue with consent from Mana ) 

Absolute - Submission King Title 
Over 99 kg
Under 99 kg
Under 88 kg
Under 77 kg
Under 66 kg

Absolute - Submission Queen Title
Over 60 kg
Under 60 kg  

Masters Division - Over 35 Men:
Over 99 kg 
Under 99 kg
Under 88 kg
Under 77 kg
Under 66 kg  

Masters Division - Over 35 Women:
Over 60 kg
Under 60 kg

* Must compete in an advanced division to be eligible for entry to absolute

** Divisions may be combined in order to ensure competitors get the opportunity to get a few matches.

Age limit for Adult Competition is 14 years old (14 - 17 with parent/guardian consent)

Entry Cost: $40 EARLY BIRD or $50 STANDARD
Late Registrations are $60 to allow for re-bracketing and hoha factor
Case by case - Email [email protected]

**Spectators attendance will be determined by the Covid 19 restrictions/level**

Check MANA FC Facebook and Instagram sites for updates

STANDARD Registration close on Thursday 11th of February at 2.00pm.

Weigh in will take place from 11.00am - 12:00pm on the Saturday 

Absolute will be open to all advanced competitors. Sign up on the day.

Organic Mechanic, The Fight Dietitian, Gym Chef and Boot It Fitness will be sponsoring this event!


Timezone: Pacific/Auckland


  • Men 50 NZD
  • Absolute Women 0 NZD
  • Masters Men 50 NZD
  • Absolute Men 0 NZD
  • Women 50 NZD
  • Masters Women 50 NZD