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IMMAFA amateur MMA tournament. All divisions compete in cage.


Division C

Senior 18+ Skill Division C Men: : -52.2kg, -56.7kg, -61.2kg, -65.8kg, -70.3kg, -77.1kg, -83.9kg, -93kg, -120.2kg

Senior 18+ Skill Division C Women: : -52.2kg, -56.7kg, -61.2kg, -65.8kg, -70.3kg, -77.1kg, -83.9kg, -93kg, -120.2kg

IMMAF rules no G&P


In Division C are ALLOWED to compete athletes without champion titles in any combat sport. Athletes with title (national or tournament winners) in any combat sport are NOT ALLOWED to participate in C division.

Division B

Senior 18+ Skill Division B Men: : -52.2kg, -56.7kg, -61.2kg, -65.8kg, -70.3kg, -77.1kg, -83.9kg, -93kg, -120.2kg

Senior 18+ Skill Division B Women: : -52.2kg, -56.7kg, -61.2kg, -65.8kg, -70.3kg, -77.1kg, -83.9kg, -93kg, -120.2kg

IMMAF rules no G&P


In Division B are ALLOWED to participate athletes who are at least one time champions in any combat sport. Amateur MMA champions are ALLOWED to participate in this division also. MMA athletes with professional experience are NOT ALLOWED to compete under this division. Amateur MMA champions can CHOSE between B and A division.

Division A

Senior 18+ Skill Division A Men: : -52.2kg, -56.7kg, -61.2kg, -65.8kg, -70.3kg, -77.1kg, -83.9kg, -93kg, -120.2kg

Senior 18+ Skill Division A Women: : -52.2kg, -56.7kg, -61.2kg, -65.8kg, -70.3kg, -77.1kg, -83.9kg, -93kg, -120.2kg


Division A serves for Australian National Team Selection

Athletes under 18 years old compete under one division only.

Youth C 12-13 (U14) Boys: -31kg, -34kg, -37kg, -40kg, -44kg, -48kg, -52kg, -57kg, 57+kg

Youth C 12-13 (U14) Girls: -31kg, -34kg, -37kg, -40kg, -44kg, -48kg, -52kg, -57kg, 57+kg

Youth C 14-15 (U16) Boys: -40kg, -44kg, -48kg, -52kg, -57kg, -62kg, -67kg, -72kg, 72+kg

Youth C 14-15 (U16) Girls: -40kg, -44kg, -48kg, -52kg, -57kg, -62kg, -67kg, -72kg, 72+kg

Youth C 16-17 (U18) Boys: -52.2kg, -56.7kg, -61.2kg, -65.8kg, -70.3kg, -77.1kg, -83.9kg, -93kg, -120.2kg

Youth C 16-17 (U18) Girls: -47.7kg, -52.2kg, -56.7kg, -61.2kg, -65.8kg, -70.3kg, -77.1kg

Juniors 18-20 (U21) Men: -52.2kg, -56.7kg, -61.2kg, -65.8kg, -70.3kg, -77.1kg, -83.9kg, -93kg, -120.2kg

Juniors 18-20 (U21) Women: -52.2kg, -56.7kg, -61.2kg, -65.8kg, -70.3kg, -77.1kg, -83.9kg, -93kg, -120.2kg




Must have ID when weight in

Athletes have to pass weight in every day of the competition.

No weight tolerance


Gloves: 8oz Green Hill IMMAF approved gloves (provided)

Please mention your gloves size during registration

Shin-guards (personal)

Apparel: Shorts and short sleeve rashguard (personal)

No pockets, zips, fasteners or any foreign substance other than that of the material that the shorts are made of shall be permitted to present on the shorts. No external lace up waistband on the outside of the shorts are permitted, it must be inside the waist band of the shorts. Contestants may not wear shoes of any kind during competition.

Groin Protectors (personal): mandatory for male contestants

Mouthpieces (personal): mandatory all contestants


- All division wins will be counted in order to create rang list for the future IMMAF tournaments and the ones in A Division will be provided to promoters for future development of the athletes.

- NOTE: for maintaining of the rang list are counted only the victories in IMMAF tournaments. For losses nobody cares and nobody counts!

Other rang list rules:

- On the top of the rang list is ranked competitor who have biggest number of wins

- After him is ranked the competitor with next number of wins

- If the number of the wins in the tournament is equal, the competitor who is higher in the rating (by place 1,2,3) receives higher ranking in the rang list

- If a competitor in a tournament reaches the wins of the leader of the rang list, higher is ranked the competitor who participate or is rate higher in the last tournament

- If two competitors are with equal number of wins, higher is ranked the competitor who has lost from higher ranked competitor

- If the competitors are with equal number of wins, and they have fight each other, higher is ranked the competitor who has win over the other


Note: The champions from divisions C and B on their next tournament have to compete one division up as follows:

- The champion in division C on next tournament fights in division B

- The champion in division B on next tournament fights in division A

- Exception from this rules is only if on the next tournament there is no opponents in their weight class in the upper division, they will compete again in the old one

Division A serves for national team selection.


If an athlete have NO OPPONENTS in his division, the athlete will be notified and moved

1- in the same weight class in higher skill division,

and if no opponents there

2- to upper weight class in the same division.

If none of these options are available the athlete fee will be refunded

Athletes without fights are not going to be awarded.


- the high IMMAF standards in combination with the Division Scheme creates safe competition environment

- the competitors will have chance to gain more amateur MMA experience in more frequent competitions

- the Division Scheme will allow gradual development of the athletes into the IMMAF platform, so the teams involved will be pushed to develop amateur MMA and will avoid leaking of athletes into other combat sports

- the Division scheme allow more champions being produced in a year

- this results in having more people involved into the amateur MMA sport as part of IMMAF Olympic development

- more events naturally promote the amateur MMA sport in Australia and worldwide imposing the high standards of IMMAF


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  • Youth Boys 50 AUD
  • Youth Girls 50 AUD
  • Juniors Boys 50 AUD
  • Juniors Girls 50 AUD
  • Senior Men 50 AUD
  • Senior Women 50 AUD