This tournament will be a sub only round robin tournament.


Rules meeting 7:30 am


weigh ins 8:00am to 9:00 am 

matches begin at 9:00 am see smooth comp for updated bracketing info 


weight ins 8:00am to 10:00 am 

matches begin at 10:00 am see smooth comp for up to date bracketing info 


kids divisions will be divided by age and rank with deviation of up to three years and three belt ranks.

age divisions 5-7 8-10 11-13 (14+ will compete at their weight in adult brackets)

Adult divisions will be separated by Jiujitsu rank in Gi and no Gi. We encourage competitor to compete up a rank if they feel inclined. 

In the event of a light bracket ranks and weight classes may be combined. A reminder, the mission statement of our tournament is to provide a challenging atmosphere not a coddling one. 

Match time and structure 

Five minute sub only rounds. Draws to be decided by dominant position ride time  or one round of EBI over time. (according to refs discretion)

Illegal moves 

(No submissions will be illegal in this tournament at any rank or age, yes the children will heel hook, yes the white belts will slam. This is martial arts not sports ball)

  1. eye gouging 
  2. Oil check 
  3. Fish hook 
  4. Biting 
  5. whining (what's worse than losing? Being a loser. losers whine winners shake hands and hug even if they lose. That includes you too coaches)

Round robin structure 

Three points will be awarded for a submission achieved in regulation

Two points will be awarded for a referee decision in regulation or an overtime win 

One point will be awarded to a ride time victory in overtime.

spectators: spectator fees will be $10 paid at the door in cash. 

coaches: will attend for free with a limit of 2 coaches per gym (we won't check don't be a dick)


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Timezone: America/Chicago


  • Ronin Open 80 USD