The Finishers Open 5 is an official EBI Rules, submission only, tournament open to the public.

Event begins at 11am and is $100 cost and you are guaranteed two matches. 

Mens and Women's Divisions 


White/Blue - 155.9lbs , 170.9lbs, 230.9lbs and over 

Purple/Brown/Black - 155.9lbs , 170.9lbs, 230.9lbs and over


White/Blue - 115.9lbs, 135.9lbs 

Purple/Brown/Black - 115.9lbs, 135.9lbs


White/Blue - 6 min -  3 EBI OT - 2 min max - No heel hooks. Reaping, straight ankles and knee bars are legal. No Slams, No Guard Jumping, No Toe Holds, No Calf Slicers. Twisters are ok! 

Purple/Brown/Black - 8 min - 3 EBI OT - 2 min max -  All submissions legal, No Slams, No Guard Jumping

The Finishers Open is a way to qualify to compete on a future Pro Show. Must win the Purple/Brown/Black division. 

Weigh ins 

Video weigh in the night before and send to @finishers_subonly on instagram. You can also weigh in the morning of your matches. 


Finishers HQ »
3713 Linden St Suite A
Timezone: America/New_York


  • Men 100 USD
  • Women 100 USD