10th Planet South Melbourne No-Gi Sub Only Tournament

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu South Melbourne is proud to announce they are hosting a no-gi submission only grappling tournament on Sunday the 28th November 2021! This tournament will be a round robin format and is open to anyone and all affiliations wishing to compete.

Registrations  are open until 20th November 2021 ... get in quick!  We are 75% capacity sold!

Further notice: This is the final re-schedule of this event for 2021.  In the event we are unable to run this competition, we will look to hold the competition in 2022.


ADULTS ONLY 18+$55 competitor fee

$10 spectator fee

White, blue & purple belt divisions

5 minute rounds with EBI Overtime rules

100 competitor limit


  • Weigh ins will commence from 9am
  • Rules meeting at 9:40am sharp
  • First match starts at 10am
  • Matches will be 5 minute sub-only rounds with EBI OT rules in place if the match results in a draw

Points are awarded as follows:

3 points - win by submission

2 points - win by submission in overtime

1 point - win by fastest escape

Weight categories

Standard weight classes apply for White, Blue & Purple Belt divisions

Please note: pending on number of entries for purple belt category, competitors may be grouped in an U75, O75kg format


U56kg, U61kg, U66kg, U71kg, 71kg+


U61kg, U67kg, U73kg, U79kg, U85kg, U91kg, U97kg, 97kg+

brown or black belts who are interested in competing, please contact us directly at [email protected]

info to know

  • This is a win by submission only tournament ... this means you get the tap within 5 minutes or the round goes into EBI OT  
  • EBI OT rules in effect for all matches with no result - starting positions are spiderweb and back control with hooks in  
  • The person who goes first for EBI OT is decided on the referee's coin toss
  • All techniques / submissions are allowed except for:
  • Slamming or spiking of any kind
  • Full Nelson
  • Small joint manipulations of any kind 
  • Twisters and Heel Hooks permitted for blue belt and above 
  • 4 rings will run on the day
  • Plenty of street parking is available with no restrictions on Sundays


10th Planet Jiu Jitsu South Melbourne »
122-126 Gladstone St
Timezone: Australia/Sydney


  • Male No-Gi 55 AUD
    18 years + and above
  • Female No-Gi 55 AUD
    18 years and above