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Muay Thai Development League MDL Muay Thai sparring scrimmage for all ages and levels in Elgin, Illinois

The MUAY-THAI DEVELOPMENT LEAGUE or “MDL” represents a revolutionary, paradigm shift on the approach to the growth and ethical development of the sport of Muaythai.

The MDL is a league unlike anything before it. We encourage athletes to develop their knowledge and skills through constant education, innovation and evolution through competition.

The MDL is a true Muaythai sports league and feeder system comprising a series of events and class models based on experience.  Athletes start with light contact (no KO's), technical sparring scrimmages. These scrimmages offer a safe environment and direct feedback system (DFS) that will set the foundation for athletes to grow and improve, preparing them to excel at higher levels of the sport.

From E and D classes to Competitive Class tournaments, Pro-AM events and true A Class; Professional Muay Thai. International Opportunities will also be available for ALL stages, ages and classes!  BUT EVERYONE STARTS OUT AS A BEGINNER!

Starting with a clearly defined set of rules and scoring criteria, to an outlined ascension model and a patented matching algorithm.  The MDL will also provide structured educational models so that everyone -from novice to pros and including coaches, officials, parents and casual fans --- can have a TRUE understanding of what the SPORT of Muaythai is, allowing EVERYONE the opportunity to enjoy.

The MDL is “The GOLD STANDARD” of your Muaythai experience!


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782 S McLean Blvd
Timezone: America/Detroit



  • YOUTH 5-9 y.o. 60 USD
    Youth: 5-9 y.o.
  • YOUTH 10-12 y.o NHC 60 USD
    Youth: 10-12 y.o. No Head Contact
  • TEENS 13-17 y.o. Divisions LHC: Light Head Contact 60 USD
    Teens: 13-17 yo, LHC (Light Head Contact)
  • TEENS 13-17 y.o. Divisions NHC: NO Head Contact 60 USD
    Teens: 13-17 yo, NHC (NO Head Contact)
  • ADULT Divisions LHC: Light Head Contact 60 USD
    LHC: Light Head Contact
  • ADULT Divisions NHC: NO Head Contact 60 USD
    NHC: NO Head Contact