Forms Divisions

Hard Traditional Forms

HTF-101 (m/f) (6 and under) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-102 (m/f) (6 and under) White-Orange

HTF-103 (m/f) (6 and under) Green to Brown

HTF-104 (m/f) (7-8) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-105 (m/f) (7-8) White-Orange

HTF-106 (m/f) (7-8) Green to Brown

HTF-107 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt Weapons

HTF-108 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt

HTF-109 (m/f) (9-10) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-110 (m/f) (9-10) White-Orange

HTF-111 (m/f) (9-10) Green to Brown

HTF-112(m/f) (9-10) Black Belt Weapons

HTF-113 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt

HTF-114 (m/f) (11-12) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-115 (m/f) (11-12) White-Orange

HTF-116 (m/f) (11-12) Green to Brown

HTF-117 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt Weapons

HTF-118 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt

HTF-119 (m/f) (13-14) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-120 (m/f) (13-14) White-Orange

HTF-121 (m/f) (13-14) Green to Brown

HTF-122 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt Weapons

HTF-123 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt

HTF-124 (m/f) (15-17) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-125 (m/f) (15-17) White-Orange

HTF-126 (m/f) (15-17) Green to Brown

HTF-127 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt Weapons

HTF-128 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt

HTF-129 (m/f) (18+) Under Belt Weapons

HTF-130 (m/f) (18+) White-Orange

HTF-131 (m/f) (18+) Green to Brown

HTF-132 (m/f) (40 and over) Under Belt

HTF-133 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt Weapons

HTF-134 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt

HTF-135 (m/f) (40 and over) Black Belt

Hard Open Forms

HOF-201 (m/f) (6 and under) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-202 (m/f) (6 and under) White-Orange

HOF-203 (m/f) (6 and under) Green to Brown

HOF-204 (m/f) (7-8) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-205 (m/f) (7-8) White-Orange

HOF-206 (m/f) (7-8) Green to Brown

HOF-207 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt Weapons

HOF-208 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt

HOF-209 (m/f) (9-10) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-210 (m/f) (9-10) White-Orange

HOF-211 (m/f) (9-10) Green to Brown

HOF-212 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt Weapons

HOF-213 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt

HOF-214 (m/f) (11-12) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-215 (m/f) (11-12) White-Orange

HOF-216 m/f) (11-12) Green to Brown

HOF-217 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt Weapons

HOF-218 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt

HOF-219 (m/f) (13-14) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-220 (m/f) (13-14) White-Orange

HOF-221 (m/f) (13-14) Green to Brown

HOF-222 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt Weapons

HOF-223 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt

HOF-224 (m/f) (15-17) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-225 (m/f) (15-17) White-Orange

HOF-226 (m/f) (15-17) Green to Brown

HOF-227 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt Weapons

HOF-228 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt

HOF-229 (m/f) (18+) Under Belt Weapons

HOF-230 (m/f) (18+) White-Orange

HOF-231 (m/f) (18+) Green to Brown

HOF-232 (m/f) (40 and over) Under Belt

HOF-233 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt Weapons

HOF-234 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt

HOF-235 (m/f) (40 and over) Black Belt

Soft Traditional Forms

STF-301 (m/f) (6 and under) Under Belt Weapons

STF-02 (m/f) (6 and under) White-Orange

STF-303 (m/f) (6 and under) Green to Brown

STF-304 (m/f) (7-8) Under Belt Weapons

STF-305 (m/f) (7-8) White-Orange

STF-306 (m/f) (7-8) Green to Brown

STF-307 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt Weapons

STF-308 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt

STF-309 (m/f) (9-10) Under Belt Weapons

STF-310 (m/f) (9-10) White-Orange

STF-311 (m/f) (9-10) Green to Brown

STF-312 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt Weapons

STF-313 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt

STF-314 (m/f) (11-12) Under Belt Weapons

STF-315 (m/f) (11-12) White-Orange

STF-316 (m/f) (11-12) Green to Brown

STF-317 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt Weapons

STF-318 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt

STF-319 (m/f) (13-14) Under Belt Weapons

STF-320 (m/f) (13-14) White-Orange

STF-321 (m/f) (13-14) Green to Brown

STF-322 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt Weapons

STF-323 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt

STF-324 (m/f) (15-17) Under Belt Weapons

STF-325 (m/f) (15-17) White-Orange

STF-326 (m/f) (15-17) Green to Brown

STF-327 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt Weapons

STF-328 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt

STF-329 (m/f) (18+) Under Belt Weapons

STF-330 (m/f) (18+) White-Orange

STF-331 (m/f) (18+) Green to Brown

STF-332 (m/f) (40 and over) Under Belt

STF-333 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt Weapons

STF-334 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt

STF-335 (m/f) (40 and over) Black Belt

Soft Open Forms

SOF-401 (m/f) (6 and under) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-402 (m/f) (6 and under) White-Orange

SOF-403 (m/f) (6 and under) Green to Brown

SOF-404 (m/f) (7-8) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-405 (m/f) (7-8) White-Orange

SOF-406 (m/f) (7-8) Green to Brown

SOF-407 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt Weapons

SOF-408 (m/f) (8 and under) Black Belt

SOF-409 (m/f) (9-10) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-410 (m/f) (9-10) White-Orange

SOF-411 (m/f) (9-10) Green to Brown

SOF-412 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt Weapons

SOF-413 (m/f) (9-10) Black Belt

SOF-414 (m/f) (11-12) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-415 (m/f) (11-12) White-Orange

SOF-416 (m/f) (11-12) Green to Brown

SOF-417 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt Weapons

SOF-418 (m/f) (11-12) Black Belt

SOF-419 (m/f) (13-14) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-420 (m/f) (13-14) White-Orange

SOF-421 (m/f) (13-14) Green to Brown

SOF-422 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt Weapons

SOF-423 (m/f) (13-14) Black Belt

SOF-424 (m/f) (15-17) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-425 (m/f) (15-17) White-Orange

SOF-426 (m/f) (15-17) Green to Brown

SOF-427 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt Weapons

SOF-428 (m/f) (15-17) Black Belt

SOF-429 (m/f) (18+) Under Belt Weapons

SOF-430 (m/f) (18+) White-Orange

SOF-431 (m/f) (18+) Green to Brown

SOF-432 (m/f) (40 and over) Under Belt

SOF-433 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt Weapons

SOF-434 (m/f) (18+) Black Belt

SOF-435 (m/f) (40 and over) Black Belt


  • Hard Traditional Forms 75 CAD
  • Hard Open Forms 75 CAD
  • Soft Traditional Forms 75 CAD
  • Soft Open Forms 75 CAD
  • Point Fighting 75 CAD
  • Grappling Gi 75 CAD
  • Grappling No-Gi 75 CAD
  • Submission Cup 75 CAD
  • WKC Continuous Karate 75 CAD
  • Coaches Pass can be purchased through Eventbrite (see "Information") 40 CAD

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