Early bird registrations
31 Jan - 28 Feb 23:59
Normal registration
Deadline 17 Apr 23:59
Late registrations
Deadline 08 May 23:59


Welcome everybody to the second edition of the Evolve Submission Grappling Championship.

2 FIGHTS GUARANTEED for beginner & Advanced Divisions

All competitors in BEGINNER & ADVANCED Divisions will be guaranteed to fight at least 2 fights. EXPERT Division competitors will compete in a single elimination format.

This event will be contested under the IBJJF-nogi ruleset (WITHOUT ADVANTAGES).


There is a maximum number of 200 competitors to make sure our second event will run smoothly. 


 € 30,- Early Bird registration until 28-2-2022

 € 35,- Normal registration from 1-3-2022 until 10-4-2022

 € 40,- Late registration until 8-5-2022


When your registration has been paid, you will not be able to get your money back, because the money will be used to give the best service to the other competitors. 


Weigh-in starts at 10:00 and ends 1 hour before your first fight.

If you don't make weight, you will be disqualified and you're out of the tournament.

If you are in the '+' division, still come to the weigh-in so we know you're present.


Adult/Male (16 and above):

Weight classes: -61kg, -67kg, -73kg, -79kg, -85kg, -91kg, -97kg & +97kg

Master/Male (35 and above):

Weight classes: -61kg, -67kg, -73kg, -79kg, -85kg, -91kg, -97kg & +97kg

Adult/Female (16 and above):

Weight class: -60 kg & +60kg

Note: if there are not enough competitors in a division, the organization will move the competitor to the next available higher division (weight divisions will be merged with the division below).

skill levels


BJJ white belt or 0 - 2,5 years of grappling experience


BJJ blue belt, Judo Black belt or 2,5 - max 5 years of grappling experience 


BJJ Purple belt or higher or more than 5 years of grappling experience


Beginner:    4 min

Advanced & Expert:  5 min

We keep the match time short since we want action the whole match and no stalling please! 


Be at the warm-up area 5 fights before your match starts and pay attention to the live bracket schedule on Smoothcomp. The brackets will be visible at the weigh-in, but also on the screen of your mobile phone on the Smoothcomp website. Keep in mind that it is your own responsibility to be on time. When your name has been called out, you have to be ready at your competition mat within 2 minutes otherwise you will be disqualified.


The competitors are allowed to have 1 coach with them at the competition area. Incase a team has 4 competitors 2 coaches are allowed. Incase a team has 6 or more a maximum of 3 coaches are allowed.


This event will be contested under the IBJJF pointscoring system without advantages. Be sure to read the extra 'Rules' page for all the information regarding allowed techniques etc. 


Visitors are allowed but will pay an entrance fee of 3,- at the door.


Location name: Sporthal 'De Sjirp'

Street name: Susterderweg 25

Zip code: 6118 CP

City: Nieuwstadt


10:00 Doors open & start weigh-inn

10:30 Kick-off first matches


Sporthal 'De Sjirp' Nieuwstadt »
Burgemeester Willemeplein 2
Timezone: Europe/Berlin

Cancel/Refund policy


  • Adult / Male 35 EUR
  • Master / Male 35 EUR
  • Adult / Female 35 EUR