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Welcome to the ADCC CROATIA OPEN 2022.

When: July 30th 2022

Where: Sports hall , "Krešimira  Ćosića" Splitska ulica 3, 23000, Zadar

Weight classes:

Boys(15yrs-18 yrs): -55kg, -60kg, -65kg, -70kg, -75kg, -80kg and + 80kg.

Men Intermediate & Masters  (18+):  -65 kg, -70 kg, -76 kg, -83 kg, -91 kg, -100 kg, +100 kg, OPEN

Men Professional (18+):- 65.9 kg, - 76.9 kg, - 87.9 kg, - 98.9 kg, + 99 kg, OPEN

Women Professional/Intermediate (16+): - 60 kg, + 60 kg , Girls 15yrs-18yrs : -50 kg, +50 kg

Professional  (more than  2  years of experience)

Intermediate  (less than 2   years experience) & masters 

Athletes must be present for weigh-in when the division is called. Athletes, who are overweight will be automatically disqualified and cannot compete.

Competitor Health – Verification :

A medical certificate is necessary-Doctor examination paymentis at tournament  10€

Competitor verification is done during weight in (Check in) . For verification competitor needs: I.D. with photo ( passport ), actual doctor examination, juniors need parental  or legar guardians agreement signed.

Covid-19 information

All competitors are required to have a valid COVID-passport. We will monitor closely the developments with the spread of the virus and follow all the public health guidelines. We ask all participants to consider that depending on the possible restrictions and recommendations of the health authorities the date of the tournament may change. Should this become necessary we will let you know as quickly as possible.


09:00-10:30 - Weight in

10:30-11:00 - Rules

11:00- Start

Fighting time:


All interested contact: +385917214737


Every weight classes’ three best fighters get medals. The team that gets most of the points gets the “Best Team Cup”  

Points: 1st place 5 points; 2nd place 3 points; 3rd place 1 point. Professional and open category winners recive a sponsorship gift package.

Competition payment:

Competition fee is 30 EUR , +Open category (15  EUR)Paid at the venue on tournament day.


The doors are  open one hour before competition. Entrance-Free


Registration and event information:                            

E-Mail:                                 [email protected]

Phone:                                 +385917214737


Sports hall , Krešimir Ćosić »
Splitska ulica 3
Timezone: Europe/Sarajevo


  • Men 30 EUR
  • Women 30 EUR
  • Boys 30 EUR
  • Men Intermediate & Masters 30 EUR
    Men Intermediate & Masters
  • Men Professional Absolute 15 EUR