26 Jun

WA Cup 2022

Normal registration
18 May - 17 Jun 23:59
Late registrations
Deadline 21 Jun 23:59


WA Cup 2022 is an open event. Any individual that is a financial member of Wrestling Western Australia (WWA) and Wrestling Australia Ltd. (WAL) can enter.

Competitors must be a current member of WWA, and WAL. 

New membership applications or membership renewals can be done online at revolutionise.com.au/wwa/registration

Please ensure you register with sufficient time to still make the event final registration.

The tournament will consist of a Youth and Senior Event.

Age submissions are to be based on the Year of Birth (i.e., turning the denoted age in this calendar year), and not the age at the time of the competition

The age categories are as follows:


  • 6 - 7 yrs
  • 8 - 9yrs
  • 10 - 11 years
  • 12 - 13 years
  • 14-15yrs (from 13 years old with medical and parental certificate)
  • U/17 : 16 – 17 years (from 15 years old with medical and parental certificate). 


  • U/20:  18 – 20 years (from 17 years old with medical and parental certificate)
  • Seniors : 20 years and older Wrestlers in the U/20 category are allowed to participate in the competition for Seniors.  However, wrestlers aged 18 in the year concerned must provide a medical certificate and parental authorisation. Wrestlers aged 17 in the year in question may not participate in the Senior Category.
  • Greco-Roman is permitted only for males who are over 18 years old on the day of competition.


Wrestlers must weigh in exactly on or under their nominated category weight. Wrestlers can change their nominated weight category after registering, up to the final registration date and time by using their profile on Smoothcomp.

Please ensure that you enter the correct weight categories with registration for the comp as confirmed with your coach. No shifting of category or late entry will be considered on the day of the competition. If a wrestler does not make weight he/she will forfeit their matches and will only be allowed exhibition matches if and when available. 


Wrestlers (or an adult their behalf where the wrestler is a <18 yrs old) must register via Smoothcomp.

Registration Deadline: Registration fee of $40 for the first category entered and $20 for each additional category will be accepted until 5pm on Friday 17 June 2022.

Late Registration Deadline: Late entries will be accepted until 11:59pm on Tuesday 21 June 2022 with a late fee of $15 added to each order.

No registrations will be accepted after this time. The event is organized and run by volunteers who operate in their free time to make it possible. Please respect this contribution by registering well before the cutoff time. 

All competitors must be current WAL members and a member of their relevant State Assosciation. WAL membership is included in WWA membership fees.

Membership fees should be paid online.


Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

For  Clubs competing for the Peter Lawson Memorial Trophy, any registered entry that fails to show up on the day of the competition will cost his/her club 2 points.

Peter Lawson Memorial Points will be allocated as follows: Gold medal = 3 points, Silver medal = 2 points, Bronze medal = 1 point. Points will only be allocated for 1 Freestyle category and 1 Greco Roman category per wrestler. The points will be allocated according to the wrestler's results in the category that matches the wrestler's actual age and weight (if they register in that category and make their weight requirements).  


The competition will be conducted in accordance with United World Wrestling rules (https://unitedworldwrestling.org/)

The tournament will be conducted under double-elimination line-bracketing rules where there are more than 5 competitors. This means that all those who lose one (1) match in the championship bracket (A) may be sent into the repêchage bracket (B) for a chance to compete for the bronze medal. Those who lose two (2) matches are eliminated from the competition.

All competitors are responsible for their own medical and physical fitness to wrestle and understand that the nature of the sport of wrestling involves some physical risks that can result in serious injury or death. 

All participants must adhere to the WWA Code of Conduct, Member Protection Policy and WAI Anti-Match Fixing Policy. The organizer has the right to disqualify competitors from competition in the event of rule or code of conduct breaches. 

The weight shown on the weighing scales at the time of the scheduled weigh-in will be regarded as the official weight. Any weight check performed by an athlete prior to the official weigh-in shall not be permitted to form the basis of a challenge to the official weigh-in. 


Wrestlers may wear, other than the standard wrestling singlet, a two-piece outfit as follows:

Shorts, in plain black colour.

Short-sleeved or sleeveless shirt, predominantly in red or blue colour. A wrestler must bring one of each colour. 

The wrestler listed first in the bout is to wear red and the second listed wrestler is to wear blue.

The shirt or top should be tight fitting.

For females, the shirt must completely cover the breasts at all times.

Clothing may not have metal components, zips or buttons.

Open pockets are not permitted.

Drawstrings must be concealed at all times

Clothing must not have wording or design that is offensive or inappropriate.

Underwear must not contain hard plastic or metal components.

Wrestling boots must be worn

For further information contact Erica May on [email protected] or 0418 245 780.


Herb Graham Stadium »

Timezone: Australia/Perth



  • Male Freestyle 40 AUD
  • Female Freestyle 40 AUD
  • Male Greco Roman 40 AUD