Normal registration
10 Sep - 08 Oct 23:59
Late registrations
Deadline 15 Oct 23:59


Tävlingen där utövare från te.x. Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA, Kung Fu, Karate and Taekwondo får chans att möta varandra i ett unikt regelsystem

WEIGH-IN: Friday 21 october 5:00-7:30 pm Location: Swedenborgsgatan 7, Stockholm

ENTRY FEE: 350 Sek for each participant until the 8 October 11:59 pm. There after 450 Sek until Saturday the 15 october11:59 pm.

LAST DAY TO REGISTER: Saturday 15 October 11:59 pm

DEREGISTRATION: It is possible to deregister with your Smoothomp account until the 15 October 11:59 pm you will then automatically get a refund.

NO OPPONENT: Fighters who do not get an opponent will be refunded. Those who are not preregistered cannot participate in the contest.

MERITS: You must fill in all your merits (number of fights, other merits) regardless of discipline for example: Karate , Sanda, Taekwondo, Kickboxing,, Muya Thai, MMA etc.

TODAYS PROGRAM 22 October 2022

Entry for the participants: 09:15-10:15 am

Information from the referees: 10:30 am

Competition starts: 11:00 am

Audience entry: 10:30 am

Ticket fee for audience 180:- (children under 7 years enters free if accompanied by adult)


1-2 competitors - 1 coach

3-5 competitors - 2 coaches

6-9 competitors - 3 coaches

10- contact the event organizer

LICENSE TO COMPETE Participants must have a valid startbook/license to compete.

* If you are a member of Svenska budo & kampsportsförbundet you must have the new competitioncard, apply here.

MEDICAL CERTIFICATE All those born 1977 and earlier must present a valid medical certificate that guarantees that you are healthy enough to fight. You will receive a form/certificate that you bring to a doctor to be filled out. You choose your own doctor. The certificate must be presented at the weigh-in. The certificate must not be more than 1 year old. All members of Svenska Budo och Kampsportsförbundet are automatically insured. If you are part of other federation/organization you must have your own insurance valid for competing.

Foreign fighters who does not reside in Sweden shall provide (for example tkd, boxing or other) license or other proof where the participants fighting history is documented. All participants must be insured. 

* Disclaimer - Non-warranty clause of the promotor and organizer.

* Participant in class 1 will go through a medical examination at the arena before entering the completion.

18 YEAR LIMIT To participate in the SENIOR classes you must be 18 years old or over.

REGARDING YOUTHS UNDER 18 YEARS All associations are responsible that there youths have the approval of there legal guardians.

PLEASE NOTE! For a Swedish organisation competing in Allstyle it is required to be a member in Svenska Allstyleförbundet. 


Eriksdalshallen »
Ringvägen 68-70, Stockholm
Timezone: Europe/Stockholm


  • Men +18 yr 350 SEK
  • Women +18 yr 350 SEK
  • Boys 16-17 yr 350 SEK
  • Girls 16-17 yr 350 SEK
  • Boys 14-15 yr 350 SEK
  • Girls 14-15 yr 350 SEK
  • Boys 12-13 yr 350 SEK
  • Girls 12-13 yr 350 SEK