14 Jul 2018
Normal registration
16 Jun - 05 Jul 12:00 am
Late registrations
Deadline 11 Jul 12:00 am

Hanoi Open

Welcome to the first major BJJ Open Tournament in Ha Noi. The event will take place on July 14, 2018. For adults in all belts classes.


The rules applied are IBJJF rules available here.

Therefore some technics will be banned depending on the belts:

- Toe holds, knee bars and slicers are limited to Brown and Black Belts only

- Wrist locks are allowed at Blue Belt and above

All other technics allowed by IBJJF's rules are allowed as well. All forbidden technics by IBJJF's rules will be forbidden as well and lead to immediate disqualification (DQ).

Black belts in Judo, Sambo, Aikido or any grappling sports as well as Pro MMA fighters must register in Blue Belt or above.


All athletes are to weigh in right before their first fight of the day. You weigh in without the gi/kimono/uniform on.

We will have the following weight classes

For White belts and Blue belts (White and Blue will not be mixed):

Adult Male: -56kg, - 62kg, - 69kg, -75kg, -85kg, +85kg.

Adult Female: -49kg, -55kg, -62kg ,-70kg, +70kg.

For Purple belts and above (Purple belts will have their own division, Brown and Black may be mixed):

Adult Male:  -62kg, -77kg, +77kg.

Adult Female: -60kg, +60kg.

The open weight class will be available for the winners of each  weight class only.


Fights will last 5 minutes for white belts and 6 minutes for blue belts and above.


Hanoi Sports Training Centre
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Timezone: Asia/Bangkok


  • Adult Male 25 USD
    18 years and above
  • Adult Female 25 USD
    18 years and above