Coaches Code of Conduct


This code of conduct  applies to coaches who have met requirements to obtain a coaching credential at this tournament, who have registered to coach at this tournament, and who are thereby authorized to stay within the competition area and to coach their player(s) from the coach’s chair. This form applies to local and regional non-point tournaments that are sanctioned by USJA, USJF, or USA Judo (herein called tournaments).

Code of Conduct: Coaches

  • Agree to treat referees, tournament officials, other coaches, players, parents and spectators with respect and courtesy.
  • Agree to only coach my player(s) from the coach’s chair and not from anywhere else within the competition area during the conduct of a match.
  • Agree to remain seated in the coach’s chair during the conduct of a match, and to only coach my player, not the referee or judges.
  • Agree not to vocally criticize, berate or argue with the referee or judges, or suggest scores and/or penalties to be assessed during conduct of the match.
  • Agree not to use foul or obscene language or gestures, ethnic or racial slurs under any circumstances within the tournament venue.
  • Agree not to attempt to physically or verbally intimidate or assault any referee, tournament official, coach, player, parent or spectator.
  • Agree to abide by the final decision(s) of the referee, jury, chief referee and tournament director concerning violation(s) of this code and resulting disciplinary action(s) imposed at this tournament.


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