10 Dec 2022

Samurai Slam 8

Early bird registrations
26 Sep - 19 Nov 12:00 am
Normal registration
Deadline 07 Dec 11:59 pm
Late registrations
Deadline 10 Dec 9:00 pm


Samurai Slam 8 - December 10, 2022 - Judo and Kosen Tournament: Join us while we transform our old dojo into a tournament hall! Beginner to Advanced divisions for kids and adults in JUDO. Tournament offers low entry fees, large brackets, and a double elimination system for juniors and adults of all skill levels.


Date: December 10th, 2022

Venue: Charleston Self Defense Academy

           428A Red Bank Rd, Goose Creek, SC 29445

Registration Deadline: 12/7/2022 (Wednesday) Register online only.  By using the Smooth Comp interface, all matches will be scheduled and run through an automated bracketing and scoring system.  Coaches are encouraged to build a free academy profile.  Players will also make a free profile and add their academy.  American Judo foundation will be using this platform to register for future Samurai Slam tournaments, and we hope it will save us all time and improve the efficiency of our events.

JUDO TOUrnament

Cost: $50/division, $20 additional divisions (Max 3 divisions) Exhibition matches available after official matches.  

Host Hotel: Homewood Suites - Charleston Airport

5048 International Blvd, N. Charleston, SC 29418       (843) 735-5000

Chief Referee: TBA


Friday night weigh ins 6-8 PM (Venue)


8-10AM     Check/Weigh-ins for Juniors under 16

9:00 AM    Referee Meeting

10:00AM    Players Meeting

11:00AM    Competition Starts (look for your match time on Smoothcomp.com/9448)

12-1PM      Check/Weigh-ins for Seniors age 16 and up

Brackets will be combined at tournament organizers discretion with the goal of larger brackets and maximum number of matches for players.  Samurai Slam tournaments are developmental, meaning that players should be challenged by a range of competitors to hone their skills.


Charleston Self Defense Academy »
428A Red Bank Rd
Timezone: America/New_York


  • Kata Performance 0 USD
    Price shown is for each team
  • Judo Veteran Men (VM) 50 USD
    Men 30yrs and up
  • Judo Senior Men (MN, MI, MA) 50 USD
    Men 15yrs and up
  • Mens Kosen 50 USD
    Men 15yrs and up
  • Judo Veteran Women (WV) 50 USD
    Women 30yrs and up
  • Judo Senior Women (WN, WI, WA) 50 USD
    Women 15 yrs and up
  • Women's Kosen 50 USD
    Women 15 yrs and up
  • Judo Junior Men (B10) 50 USD
    Men turning 15 through 20 this year. Chokes and Armbars Allowed.
  • Judo Junior Women (G10) 50 USD
    Women turning 15 through 20 this year. Chokes and Armbars Allowed.
  • Judo Cadet Men (B9) 50 USD
    Men turning 15, 16, or 17 this year. Chokes and Armbars Allowed in Regular (Points) Division. Chokes only in Novice Division.
  • Judo Cadet Women (G9) 50 USD
    Women turning 15, 16, or 17 this year. Chokes allowed in novice division. Chokes and Armbars in all other divisions
  • Judo Juvenile (B8, G8) 50 USD
    Girls or Boys turning 13 or 14 this year. Chokes Allowed.
  • Judo Intermediate (B7, G7) 50 USD
    Boys or Girls turning 11 or 12 this year
  • Judo Bantam 6 (B6, G6) 50 USD
    Born 2012
  • Judo Bantam 5 (B5, G5) 50 USD
    Born 2013
  • Judo Bantam 4 (B4, G4) 50 USD
    Born 2014
  • Judo Bantam 3 (B3, G3) 50 USD
    Born 2015
  • Judo Bantam 2 (B2, G2) 50 USD
    Born 2016
  • Judo Bantam 1 (B1, G1) 50 USD
    Born 2017