Ironborn V - The Jitskrieg

No points - just submissions. Eddie Bravo Invitational Rules - Gi & Nogi.

Fifth round of one of Europe's only tournaments following Eddie Bravo Invitational rules.


- No points. Just submissions.

- EBI overtime rules

- Complimentary open class with prize money (5,-€ of every admission go into the pot)

- Beginner friendly division structure

- Double K.O. system. Every fighter is guaranteed two fights or get your money back.

- Sane ruleset

- Great & fun atmosphere

- Pro division competes first to allow coaches to have their heads free

Admission Fees:

Early Bird: (until January 17th): 35,-€ Both: 50,-€ + get a free Event-Shirt

Early Registration (until January 10th): Gi/Nogi: 35,-€ Both: 50,-€

Late Registration: Gi/Nogi: 45,-€ Both: 60,-€



Beginner: Up to one year of grappling. All grappling (judo, wrestling, etc.) and MMA counts. BJJ white belts and Luta Livre orange belts at max.

Advanced: Up to three years of grappling. BJJ and Luta Livre bluebelts at max.

Expert/Pro: All professional fighters (includes MMA) and purplebelts and up.

„Sandbagging“ will not be tolerated and  lead to instant disqualification of the whole team, retroactively as well and will also mean exclusion of all following events. 


-70kg, -75kg, -80kg, -85kg, -90kg, -95kg, -100kg, 100kg+

Please take note that we will put together weight classes and/or divisions where it makes sense. All weight classes and divisions will be finalized on competition day.

Fight time:

Beginner: Five minutes plus one overtime, five minutes plus three overtimes in finales

Advanced: Seven minutes plus one overtime, Seven minutes plus three overtimes in finales 

Expert/Pro: Seven minutes plus three overtimes, ten minutes plus three overtimes in finales

Allowed techniques:

Everything that isn't forbidden,

Forbidden techniques:

All divisions:

Striking, kicking, biting, clawing, spitting

Fingers in body cavaties

Throws on head or neck

Flying scissor takedowns

Being too passive

Fleeing from the mat or behaving like a bitch in general

Unsportsmanlike behaviour in general

Beginners only:

Heelhooks, applying torque pressure on neck or spine, guard jumps & slams

Every forbidden technique an lead to a warning or to (instant) disqualification. The referee alone has the sovereignity of decision.

End of a fight:

In general:

One fighter isn't able to continue with the fight because of injury, unconciousness, cramp or any other reason.

One coach decides to give up the fight.

The referee decides to disqualify a fighter.

The referee decides that one of the fighters is not able to continue the fight.

The referee decides that the current situation poses an unbearable threat to the health of one or both fighters.

In beginner class referees might decide to stop a fight rather early in order to keep the fighters and their health safe. If you are not OK with this, please register for advanced class.

In regular time:

One of the fighters submits verbally or through double tap on his opponent, himself or the mat. Loud expression of pain is recognized as a verbal submission.



The referee tosses a coin. The winning fighter chooses to start from „backmount“ or „spiderweb“ and takes the dominant position.

The referee starts the fight and a timer. The time will be stopped either if there is a submission or when the fighter in the non-dominant position has escaped.

The fighters switch position and the fight is restarted. If the submitting fighter started from the non-dominant position, the fight ends immediately.


There was exactly one submission: The dominating fighter wins.

There were two submissions: The fighter who was able to dominate the fastest wins the fight.

There was no submission: There will be another round.

There were three rounds but no submissions: All escape times will be added and the fighter who took the least amount of time to escape wins.


E.S.V. Olympia Köln Sporthalle »
Werkstattstraße 38b 50733 Köln
Zona horaria: Europe/Berlin


  • Men Nogi 35 EUR
  • Women Nogi 35 EUR
  • Men Gi 35 EUR
  • Women Gi 35 EUR