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2023 Chicago Blast Karate Invitational

2023 Chicago Blast Karate Invitational


Enso Karate and Adamson’s Karate Studios

Sanctioned by the Amateur Athletic Union

*Current AAU membership required. To purchase, GO HERE


Basic Modified Rules Summary

Full AAU Karate Rules


EARLY REGISTRATION PRICING: By Wednesday, January 4, 2023 (11:59 pm CT)

$50 is the base price for all competitors

+$15 for each individual event

+$60 to register a team for kata or kumite team competitions*

(*only the team captain should register and pay for the team.  The other teammates should pay the captain $20 each to share the cost)

Late Registration PRICE:

After Wednesday, January 4, 2023 (11:59pm CT)

$70 base registration

$15 for each individual event

​+$60 for each Kata or Kumite team


$10 per spectator / $25 for a family

$0 for Volunteers, Seniors and Children under 6 get free spectator entry




Kata,  Kumite,  Youth Kihon,  Adaptive Kata,  Adaptive Kihon

Add a Bump-up event by Age or Experience level


Kata,  Family Team Kata,  Kumite (WUKF rotational)



Beginner,  Novice,  Intermediate,  Advanced



Youth and Adult ages 4 and up


CSO Sports Complex »
1301 E. 47th Street
Zona horaria: America/Chicago

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