27 Aug 2017

Grassroots 3

Normal registration
31 Jul - 15 Aug
Late registration
16 Aug - 23 Aug


Grassroot competition , designed for the next wave of BJJ students and competitors . Gi comp for adults ,Masters and teens Double elimination format

This Grassroots competition is designed to serve the community  as a stepping stone between training at your academy and competing at large scale national competions like the Dublin Open etc .

There can often be huge disparities in experience levels at white belt  , so we  are running this competition specifically for those participants with less than 9 months of training experience , who have also never competed .

Divisions will be ran in a double elimination format , so every competitor will have at least 2 matched on the day , maximising the experience they will gain  [providing there are enough competitors in the division]

Spectators must be kept to a minimum due to spave linitations plus to maintain a more friendly competition evironment .

Any quiries on the rules // how a comp runs etc be sure to consult with your coach .


for Adults , Teens & Masters  with less than 9 months of experience , who have also yet to compete .

Ran under standard IBJJF rule set

Catagories ---> Adult,Master  & Jouvinile Novice,Male & Female

IBJJF Weight Classes  .

All the best on the day



  • Juvenile boys 25 EUR
    16-17 years
  • Juvenile girls 25 EUR
    16-17 years
  • Male 25 EUR
    18 years and above
  • Female 25 EUR
    18 years and above