Normal registration
27 Aug - 18 Nov
Late registration
19 Nov - 23 Nov


National Childrens BJJ League Round 2 November 26th

Round 2 off this Unique event is drawing to a closer , this Series is only just getting started !!

We hope everybody thoroughly enjoyed Round one and we are doing all we can to ensure the same goes for round 2 .

Are your Ready ?!?

Rules & point systems

The winner of Each match will be decided Via IBJJF points system and ruleset .

1 point will be given for competing , 3 points for a Draw and 6 points for a win

If Parents/competitors have any general queries regarding Jujitsu rules and IBJJF scoring system ,Please consult with your coaches .


Competitors must register for each round of this league

Kids early reg  : 25 Euro early        Late registration : 37.50

*Due to the High Volume of requests we have decided  added a juvenile division  for competitors of 15-17 years 


  • boys 37.50 EUR
  • Girls 37.50 EUR