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21 Oct - 30 Nov
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01 Dec - 11 Dec


Do you have what it takes? Show it to the world and become a King of Submission!

Submission Only Tournament for Grapplers and Submission Fighters of all styles and affiliations. Bring your Game!

„Kings of Submissions“ follows a simple yet effective principle: show your art and real submission skills! Make your opponent tap and get the win in a very simple rule set. If there is no Submission within the 5 minute mark and both fighters are even on penalties there will be a „Sudden Death“, when fighters fight for 1 minute from „Seatbelt Position“ to secure the faster Submission. Winners advance to the next round. Finals are 10 minutes with a „Sudden Death“ after a tie.

There are NO Points, as it is a Submission-Only Tournament under the patronage of Shooto Germany.

A winner of a match is only determined by Submission, DQ or Referee Stoppage.

All fights will be held in a Boxing Ring!

Illegal Techniques:

- Slams

- Throws on the neck or head

- Full Nelson, Crucifix

- Closing the windpipe with the hand

- Eyegouging, fishhooking, scratching, biting, hair pulling

- Punching or kicking of any kind

- touching the groin area

- putting the palms in the facial area

- grabbing clothes

- small joint manipulations


For bad sportmanship, unfair behavior, stalling, passivity, illegal techniques etc. the athlete will receive a penalty (yellow card). Two penalties will result in a DQ (red card)


All fighters will weight-in, when their categorie is called to the ring.

Athletes have to be at least 18 years of age to compete. All fighters have to bring a valid ID and proof of medical insurance to the competition.


Kamikaze Dojo
Knapper Straße 75, 58507 Lüdenscheid, Germany »
Timezone: Europe/Berlin


  • Men +18 yr. 30 EUR
    Weight classes for male competition
  • Women +18 yr. 30 EUR
    Weight classes for female competition